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XOXO After Darkcast #5: Welcome Back Game of Thrones

XOXO discusses the return of Game of Thrones and Mad Men. Will Don Draper make it to the end, how will Game of Thrones the show differ from the book, and how has Kate never seen the show? She is happily binge watching and has devoured 8 episodes in 3 days, so don’t worry! You […]

Free Lisa Jewell book! AFTER THE PARTY

Today, XOXOAD is proud to offer a free ebook (link to MC’s content) of Lisa Jewell’s new book AFTER THE PARTY.  Lisa Jewell is the internationally bestselling author of ten previous novels, including The Making of Us and Before I Met You.  Here at XOXOAD, we’ve loved her since reading Ralph’s Party, the prequel to AFTER […]

Eileen Carr talks writing inspiration!

Nationally bestselling author Eileen Carr has always been close with her family. So when she learned to love reading from her mom, and learned to love suspense from her dad, it just seemed natural to combine the two and become a romantic suspense author. Check out how she got started in the genre below — […]

Read Kresley Cole’s Poison Princess for free on Pulseit!

Kresley Cole’s Poison Princess, the first book in the queen of romance’s new teen series, is now available in paperback! To celebrate the newest paperback edition & her recent RITA award for Best Paranormal Romance, you can read Poison Princess for FREE on Pulseit.com for a limited time. Start reading it for free online before it expires […]

Welcome to XOXO After Dark!

Come on in, look around! We’re very pleased to be welcoming e-friends both old and new to our shiny new site, where we’ll be discussing all the latest in romance, urban fantasy and women’s fiction. And not just books–publishing news, popular culture, the latest Benedict Cumberbatch tumblr, whatever we’re interested in that might appeal to readers […]

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