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Quickie: A quick shot of XOXO

We’re not exactly sure how we’ve gone this long without talking about cocktails since they go so well with romance novels, so we’re correcting that now! Let us know what your favorite cocktail is in the comment section below!

You Can Do Magic ft. Nicole Camden

The ladies discuss a fairly new romance concept, sexy magicians and slight of hand. Kate interviews author Nicole Camden about her Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series which follows three magician brothers. The ladies also talk Harry Houdini, Abby recommends a great novel about mediums (Things Half in Shadow), and can you pass our “name that […]

Want to tell us a little bit about Dick ft. Molly Harper

The ladies catch up right before the holidays on their last minute shopping and interview Molly Harper, author of her newest book, The Single Undead Mom’s Club. This is a 3 balls of fire episode – the best conversations happen after dark. Don’t forget to check out our Free Reads for all your holiday downtime!

Lisa Renee Jones dishes on her new series!

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones stopped by XOXOAD to chat with us about the start of her brand new CARELESS WHISPERS series, and just how far she’s willing to go to get her research done! Keep reading for the inside scoop, and don’t miss an extended sneak peek of the first book, Denial, […]

XOXO After Darkcast #17: All The Sports ft. Katy Evans!

The ladies of XOXO discuss all the sports: football, golf, beards (again) and they attempt to understand fantasy sports. It goes about as well as you’d imagine. Don’t forget to check out her steamy Manwhore Series.                   The ladies wrap up by playing a sports version of […]

XOXO After Darkcast #14: Panties, Panties, Panties!

The ladies of XOXO talk about how sex in real life can be wildly different from that on the page… but not always! Abby interviews New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones and speak about her multiple series: Inside Out, The Secret Life of Amy Bensen and the Careless Whispers series.       […]

XOXO After Darkcast #13: Dinner Party Deliciousness

The ladies of XOXO talk dinner parties: our favorite foods, conversation points, and tips on throwing a successful dinner party when your dining room is also your living room (and kitchen, and sometimes bedroom…). Kate interviews Amy E. Reichert about her debut novel, The Coincidence of Coconut Cake, described as a foodie “You’ve Got Mail.” […]

Quickie: We’re Melting!

The ladies of XOXO are melting in the office as the temperatures soar in NYC and catch up with what they’ve been up to this past week while stuck indoors with the air conditioner. If you’re stuck inside like we are, make sure to check out our Free Reads and Gems From The Vault to keep […]

XOXO After Darkcast #7: Call Your Mom

The ladies of XOXO talk mothers and daughters and explain why moms are the one thing we can’t live without. Don’t forget to check out our Free Reads: right now we’re featuring Stefanie Wilder-Taylor’s Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour and Cindy Gerard’s Show No Mercy, and several other great books that you can read for free in […]

XOXO After Darkcast #6: Romancing The Tome

The ladies of XOXO discuss their introduction to Romance and the books that started it all.  After much searching, we found Abby’s first romance, Surrender To Ecstasy but unfortunately it’s only in paperback.  Look at those covers!   Read Lauren, from Christina Lauren’s Bustle piece “Romance Novels Are Primed To Make An Impact On Society, So […]

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