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Happy President’s Day!

In honor of President’s Day, we’re here to help you celebrate in perhaps an unorthodox way. Ladies and gents of XOXOAD, we give you the sexy founding fathers!  

Steal the deals!

Have you devoured all the books you brought with you for your planned vacation during this holiday season? Look no further for more fun and flirty reads that are only $0.99!

Happy 4th of July!

The fourth of July tends to mean different things to different people: For some, it’s a deeply felt commemoration of when America gained its independence and became, well, America…   For others, it’s a chance to gather around the grill with friends and family…   And for the most ambitious among us, it’s a time […]

Book Bash 2014 Inside Scoop!

If you’re dying to get the skinny on what went down this past weekend at the annual Book Bash conference–too bad, that stuff is top secret. Sorry! PSYCH. We had our eyes and ears to the ground this weekend in Orlando, FL, and we’re here to recap the good, the crazy, and the downright insane from this year’s […]

Minimalist Movie Posters

It’s the season of the summer blockbuster, but do we really need all those explosions and robots and giant lizards? (Of course we do!) But sometimes a whisper conveys as much as a shout, as Slate reveals in this series of minimalist “movie posters” (actually a series of images from Spanish design firm Atipo). Can you […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Ah, Memorial Day: a day of reflection, introspection, and heartfelt appreciation for all the brave souls who have fought–and will continue to fight–on our behalf, so we can be free to do this:   But amidst all of our revelries, let’s just make sure we take a moment to do this: Happy Memorial Day to […]

Which Derby Horse are You?

Courtesy of USA Today, try this name generator in time for the Kentucky Derby tomorrow! Sure, you might not be a racehorse, or even own one, but who knows what the future holds? You’ll want to be ready with a good name. I’m Bourbon Eagle :). Which Derby Horse are You?   Are you a […]

Game of Thrones Quiz: All Men Must Spell

The latest treat from Vulture is this Game of Thrones spelling quiz: it works like Hangman, but you only get one strike! It’s harder than it looks…even the “easy” names have all those extra vowels. We got 9/10…how’d you do? Go here to try it yourself. Thanks, Vulture!

Emoji Movie Line Quiz

If you’re a fan of movie quotes, or just a frequent texter, you’ll love this quiz from Vulture! Using only the strings of emoji they provide, try to guess what famous movie line the image describes. Here’s a look at the first example: Not to brag, but I got all 10! How’d you do?


Before I begin, let’s first toss out an acknowledgment to the winter of 2013-14.  A real brutal jerk of a season, but it put forth significant effort into making us all believe that we’d be stuck in a frozen hellscape for the rest of our days.  Good job, good effort, winter.  But lo!  Spring has […]

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