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Quickie: A quick shot of XOXO

We’re not exactly sure how we’ve gone this long without talking about cocktails since they go so well with romance novels, so we’re correcting that now! Let us know what your favorite cocktail is in the comment section below!

You Can Do Magic ft. Nicole Camden

The ladies discuss a fairly new romance concept, sexy magicians and slight of hand. Kate interviews author Nicole Camden about her Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series which follows three magician brothers. The ladies also talk Harry Houdini, Abby recommends a great novel about mediums (Things Half in Shadow), and can you pass our “name that […]

I Love A Pirate… Historical!

The ladies discuss historical romances during the regency era, romantic horse rides through Hyde park and the licenses regency gives and doesn’t give you. Abby interviews author Kate Noble about her new historical romance in the “Winner Takes All” series, The Lie and The Lady, and the ladies face off in historical trivia. Don’t forget to check […]

Quickie: Airing of Grievances

Who says the end of January is too early to air grievances? We missed festivus so now the ladies are airing their grievances and they have a lot to say… as per usual. Air your greivances with us in the comments section – it’s good to get it alllllll out!

Want to tell us a little bit about Dick ft. Molly Harper

The ladies catch up right before the holidays on their last minute shopping and interview Molly Harper, author of her newest book, The Single Undead Mom’s Club. This is a 3 balls of fire episode – the best conversations happen after dark. Don’t forget to check out our Free Reads for all your holiday downtime!

Let’s Talk Turkey!

Let’s talk some turkey! Whether you spend it with family or celebrate Friends-giving, Thanksgiving is a holiday chalk full of traditions and wonderful food. PSA: turn down your volume around minute 6 unless you want Lauren’s piercing screams to damage your eardrums. The ladies share their holiday traditions and chat with Associate Director of Publicity, […]

Quickie: Drinking & Dating

Dating in modern times can be tough, especially now that everything is done online.  Which is why drinks are a must! The ladies discuss the perils and adventures of online dating and Lauren literally can’t even fathom it… and doesn’t want to. This is definitely a five balls of fire, touchy subjects are being discussed!

XOXO After Darkcast #19 ft. Fresh Fiction!

XOXO is keeping it Fresh! The ladies of XOXO chat about all things fresh including what they’re loving this week and how to circle back after an argument.                            The ladies wrap up with would you rather.   This is a modest 2 […]

Quickie: Book Club

We’re back to the XOXO Book Club! This week the ladies read Jackie Collins’s HOLLYWOOD HUSBANDS and discuss her amazing talent to name characters and why they loved this book. This is a four balls of fire episode, so plug in the headphones! Don’t forget to check out our Free Reads page and take our […]

Quickie: Fighting Fair

Whether you’re a “keep-it-inside” fighter or a “let-it-go” fighter, you’ll identify with Abby or Lauren. The ladies discuss how to both edit couple fights on the page and in real life. Finally, Kate schools the ladies on how to handle confrontations with your cable company and airlines, because we’ve all been there before!   Don’t forget […]

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