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Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

In today’s Quickie, the ladies of the XOXO After Darkcast reminisce about Saturday morning cartoons and share some of the grownup animated series they’re watching now. Kate tries (and fails) to explain Bojack Horseman to Lauren, and we get tossed out of the studio when talk turns to The Snorks.  

Leveling Up in Love, feat. Elia Winters

The ladies of XOXOAD talk about games today, but first we have to begin by making fun of Abby’s intro! (When did we get so Mean Girls? Fame has gone to their heads.) We talk about beloved games from our childhood, video games, and of course the Olympics! Then Abby chats with Elia Winters about […]

You Know It’s Thriller

    The ladies chat about an often unsettling, but always exciting genre, true crime, the OJ Simpson trial and Law & Order SVU. Lauren interviews New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter about her newest and 20th installment in her FBI Series, INSIDIOUS.  FBI agents Savich and Sherlock must discover who is trying to murder […]

XOXO After Dark Quickie: She Knows How to Hoe

The ladies of the podcast talk gardening–which is sort of weird, considering they live in the concrete jungle that is NYC. But we persevere! Find out what Kate is jonesing for, when Lauren feels like a fairy in the forest, and why Abby is worse than a plastic bag.  

Quickie: The Quintessential Daddy’s Girl

It’s almost Father’s Day, so the ladies of XOXO reflect on their own favorite memories of their fathers. Lauren’s dad is Mr. Fix-It, Kate’s dad taught her to save her pennies, and Abby’s dad is a Crazy Noggin. We examine the burning question: Why do dads always know how to grout stuff? And other imponderables of […]

XOXO After Darkcast: Adventures in Babysitting

Can you believe they ever let us take care of children? Well, it was a simpler time… The ladies of the XOXO After Darkcast talk about their own history with sitters, as sitters, and sometimes as quitters! Then, Lauren interviews Jane Elizabeth Hughes, author of the brand new novel NANNYLAND, which we decide is part […]

XOXO After Darkcast Quickie: What We’re XOing This Week

Kate, Abby and Special Guest Co-host Diana get together to talk about what they’re XOing at the moment. We keep it to a sedate 1 ball of fire today, but still have lots of fun–the talk ranges from Tiny House Hunters to the How Did This Get Made podcast to the price of cotton balls. […]

XOXO After Darkcast: Dating (and Ghosting) Feat. Andi Dorfman

  The XOXO After Darkcast had a celebrity on the line this week–Andi Dorfman, of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” fame! She was the perfect guest to talk about dating–and breaking up–not just because she got engaged on national television, but because she’s written a book about her experience and about getting over heartache when you […]

I Know We Disagree On This…

This week, the ladies of the XOXO After Darkcast discuss book-to-movie adaptations. What are their favorites? What are the worst? Is the book always better than the movie? And will Abby come around to liking the Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice at last?

Live at RT, Part 2: Vegas Never Sleeps

Abby continues getting the scoop from more great authors at RT, including Christina Lauren, Anna Todd and Larissa Ione. Listen to find out the best Vegas wedding chapel to get married in, how one author helped a Russian fan find love, and why another has a heroine who doesn’t speak!

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