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So long, and thanks for all the talk

Well, this is it–the XOXO After Darkcast is hanging up its microphones. We’ve had such a great time talking to authors, bloggers, agents, editors, and each other over the last 150 episodes (can you believe it?). We’ve watched sexy movies, talked about our families, our lingerie and our birth control, recalled favorite books and hated […]

Should You Be Wearing That?

Once again, we are delighted to give questionable advice to strangers in this episode of the XOXO After Darkcast! Tune in for our collective wisdom about how to keep someone in the Friend Zone and whether being professional means compromising your personal style. Tune in, share your own opinion, and remember that the best conversations advice happens […]

Love is a battlefield, ft. Kristin Harmel

This week on the XOXO After Darkcast we welcome friend of the podcast Kristin Harmel! Her new book, THE ROOM ON RUE AMELIE, is just about to publish, so we asked her about why WWII is such a fascinating period for fiction writers, how she got her start, and who was the real-life inspiration for […]

My sibling walked in on me having sex!

On this week’s Quickie episode of the XOXO After Darkcast, we’re handing out more advice! This week, someone needs to get new locks on their door, someone thinks cleaning the fridge is really complicated, and someone wants to know if long hair after a certain age looks unprofessional. We want to know what YOU think! […]

Endings are tough–so fake your own death!

The ladies of the podcast are thrilled to welcome historical romance novelist Meredith Duran to the Darkcast this week! Her newest book, The Sins of Lord Lockwood, features a missing-presumed-dead lord who returns to discover that his onetime bride is…not so excited to see him. What happens from there, you’ll have to listen to find out! […]

Netflix is chillin’

On this week’s XOXO After Darkcast Quickie, the ladies talk about what they’re XOing these days. Plus, you get bonus advice from last week’s guest star, Barbara Poelle. (We loved her so much we kept her around to chime in on this episode!) We cover The Crown, Mindhunter, and all the glories Netflix has to […]

What do you THINK “taking selfies” means?

This is it. It’s the best podcast episode you’ll ever here. And it’s all (or at least mostly) thanks to our A-MAH-ZING in-studio guests, literary agents Barbara Poelle (of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency) and Holly Root (of Root Literary)! We talk about how they met, what they look for in a client, and other […]

Who would give Jane Austen one star???

The ladies of the Darkcast talk to author Julia Sonneborn about her debut novel, BY THE BOOK, a sparkling retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion! We discuss why so many romance readers love Austen, which are our faves, and which books we have to admit we’ve never read :). Plus, Lauren and Kate face off in an […]

Let XOXO hack your life!

It’s another Quickie episode of the podcast, and this week Kate, Abby and Diana brought their favorite life hacks to share with our listeners! Find out if Kate followed Diana’s advice about the Pomodoro method, how to get a deal on your cable bill, and why Abby is too ashamed to talk about her Verizon […]

Andi Dorfman is in a Single State of Mind

This week on a quickie episode of the XOXO After Darkcast, we welcomed a very special guest: Bachelorette and two-time New York Times bestselling author Andi Dorfman! She tells us about life after reality TV, what it’s like to go on Celebrity Tinder, and how she likes being a single gal in NYC (hint: dating […]

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