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Netflix is chillin’

On this week’s XOXO After Darkcast Quickie, the ladies talk about what they’re XOing these days. Plus, you get bonus advice from last week’s guest star, Barbara Poelle. (We loved her so much we kept her around to chime in on this episode!) We cover The Crown, Mindhunter, and all the glories Netflix has to […]

What do you THINK “taking selfies” means?

This is it. It’s the best podcast episode you’ll ever here. And it’s all (or at least mostly) thanks to our A-MAH-ZING in-studio guests, literary agents Barbara Poelle (of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency) and Holly Root (of Root Literary)! We talk about how they met, what they look for in a client, and other […]

Video Review: Fifty Shades Freed

If you’ve heard our podcast, you know that it’s XOXO After Dark tradition to go see each Fifty Shades movie and then review it…but for the climax (hey, they said it right in the advertising!), we knew we had to step up our game. So we’re taking it to video! See who loved it and who still […]

Who would give Jane Austen one star???

The ladies of the Darkcast talk to author Julia Sonneborn about her debut novel, BY THE BOOK, a sparkling retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion! We discuss why so many romance readers love Austen, which are our faves, and which books we have to admit we’ve never read :). Plus, Lauren and Kate face off in an […]

“You may call me Mrs. Gray.”

OMG IT’S HERE YOU GUYS   And of course the XOXO After Darkcast will be there! Our podcast ladies are heading out TODAY (in the middle of work–ssh, don’t tell our boss!) to watch the climactic (yes we went there–so did the posters!) chapter of the erotic series that shook the world. Look for our […]

Murder between the sheets!

If you like your romance on the dangerous side, try one of these books that bring to mind classic murder mystery movies. XOXO Recommends…that you watch your back!  

Let XOXO hack your life!

It’s another Quickie episode of the podcast, and this week Kate, Abby and Diana brought their favorite life hacks to share with our listeners! Find out if Kate followed Diana’s advice about the Pomodoro method, how to get a deal on your cable bill, and why Abby is too ashamed to talk about her Verizon […]

Love in New York City

This Love Story Will Self Destruct is a truly great story, and like all great stories, it focuses on just a few amazing characters.   Eve – poet at heart. Laugher, crier, and quick-witted bleeding-heart-worrier. Ben – engineer. Structured, straight forward, and stable. New York City – the place where impossible meetings of the heart […]

From Reporter to Romance Writer

Beloved author Julia Kelly used to produce the news. Now she produces gorgeous historical romances like THE LOOK OF LOVE! We ask how she got her start, and about her craziest interview yet…

Andi Dorfman is in a Single State of Mind

This week on a quickie episode of the XOXO After Darkcast, we welcomed a very special guest: Bachelorette and two-time New York Times bestselling author Andi Dorfman! She tells us about life after reality TV, what it’s like to go on Celebrity Tinder, and how she likes being a single gal in NYC (hint: dating […]

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