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XOXO After Darkcast #19 ft. Fresh Fiction!

XOXO is keeping it Fresh! The ladies of XOXO chat about all things fresh including what they’re loving this week and how to circle back after an argument.                            The ladies wrap up with would you rather.   This is a modest 2 […]

Quickie: Book Club

We’re back to the XOXO Book Club! This week the ladies read Jackie Collins’s HOLLYWOOD HUSBANDS and discuss her amazing talent to name characters and why they loved this book. This is a four balls of fire episode, so plug in the headphones! Don’t forget to check out our Free Reads page and take our […]

Quickie: Fighting Fair

Whether you’re a “keep-it-inside” fighter or a “let-it-go” fighter, you’ll identify with Abby or Lauren. The ladies discuss how to both edit couple fights on the page and in real life. Finally, Kate schools the ladies on how to handle confrontations with your cable company and airlines, because we’ve all been there before!   Don’t forget […]

XOXO After Darkcast #18: Trick or Treat ft. Emma Hart

The ladies of XOXO chat about Halloween, the sexy pizza rat costume and their most memorable costumes. Kate interviews NYT and USA Today bestselling author Emma Hart on her sexy Burke Brother Series, how she came up with the phrase “panty melting romance,” and her newest books DIRTY SECRET and DIRTY TRICKS.       […]

XOXO After Darkcast #17: All The Sports ft. Katy Evans!

The ladies of XOXO discuss all the sports: football, golf, beards (again) and they attempt to understand fantasy sports. It goes about as well as you’d imagine. Don’t forget to check out her steamy Manwhore Series.                   The ladies wrap up by playing a sports version of […]

More Sex Tips from The Naked Professor

Our resident expert, The Naked Professor, has even more sexy advice up her tidily-buttoned sleeve! #XOXOConnects may have wrapped, but we just have too many tips for one readerfest…    

Sex Tips from The Naked Professor

Need another tip from Wendy Leigh about spicing up your relationship? We’ve got a ton of them coming all day long at #XOXOConnects, but we’re sharing a few for those who didn’t join us live!

Tips from The Naked Professor for XOXOConnects

If you’re not already enjoying all our #XOXOConnects fun, why not? It’s free–all you have to do is register with XOXO After Dark, and then you can access all the videos, posts and sweeps we’ve got in store. (See the full schedule here.) But here’s just a sample to whet your whistle… Wendy Leigh has […]

XOXO After Darkcast #16: Soldiers and Cops and Spies, Oh My! ft. Laura Griffin

YOU WILL RESPECT MAH AUTHORITEH! And we do, at least when it comes in the form of heroic soldiers, spies, cops and other justice-loving characters. Listen in as we discuss “hot cop” fantasies and talk with Laura Griffin, NYT bestselling author of the “Tracers” forensics-based romantic suspense series. The ladies wrap up with a law-enforcement-themed […]

Who’s the Best Lover? A video Q&A with Meredith Duran

This summer we caught up with Meredith Duran, the brilliant writer of some of our favorite historical romances! On a beautiful day in New York’s Bryant Park, we asked her a few questions about writing, the Regency, and which of her characters is the best husband material!

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