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11 Beautiful Beach Covers for the Last of Summer

We can’t believe summer’s almost gone! But to stretch it out just as long as we can, we’ve made a list of eleven gorgeous beach-themed book covers to tide us over. (Geddit? TIDE? I know, I’ll show myself out.)

13 Books That Are Love Letters to New York

One of the best experiences when reading a book is being completely transported to another place–the coffee shop on the corner and the farmers’ market in the square become so real, it’s like you’ve always lived there. It’s no surprise to us that New York City is a frequent choice for authors and readers alike!  These 13 books […]

5 Books to Read if you Love Pride & Prejudice

From Laurence Olivier and Peter Cushing to Colin Firth and Matthew Macfayden, Mr. Darcy has been a socially awkward, eloquent dreamboat we’ve all fallen in love with, and it’s no surprise that Jane Austen was a master of romance. In that same vein, Lauren Layne has gifted us with five books she would recommend if […]

9 Books To Have and To Read

We’re continuing XOXO wedding Week with 9 must-read wedding books.  Whether you’re jonesing for a cute wedding story or need a gift for a bride-to-be, you’ll find something in this amazing list of wedding reads! Which ones will you add to your TBR pile?  

It’s All About Mom: 8 Books for, and about, mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our members and their moms! In recognition of our favorite ladies, we’ve put together a list of books all about mothers and motherhood: the joys, the struggles, and everything in between. Share this list with your mom, or choose a couple titles to read for yourself! There’s a little […]

7 Can’t-Lose Books for Derby Fans

AAAAAAND THEY’RE OFF! Whether you’re a lifelong railbird or only tuned in to see American Pharoah win the Triple Crown last year, horse racing has something for everyone–tension, excitement, color and pageantry, bitter rivalries and at its heart, majestic animals otherworldly in their grace. While most of us might come no closer to a racing […]

8 Mysteries and thrillers that flirt with the supernatural

Bestselling author Lisa Unger knows a thing or two when it comes to a good thriller. Her latest novel, CRAZY LOVE YOU, has already been hailed as “horrifying and wonderful” and after reading it we still can’t sleep without double locking our doors first. So we figured that when it comes to finding our next […]

Ham 4 Ham Lovers: 11 Books to Read While You’re Waiting on the “Hamilton” Lottery

All of us here at XOXOAD are OBSESSED with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway sensation, Hamilton! But tickets are harder to come by than free-range unicorns, so if you’re stuck waiting until 2018 to see the show, here are some (loosely) Hamilton-themed reading recommendations to keep you busy in the meantime… ALEXANDER HAMILTON, Ron Chernow Begin with […]

Seven Books to Read Before You Watch

It’s the perfect time of year to abandon the chilly outdoors and stay inside catching up on the latest movie or TV show. But before you watch some of Hollywood’s biggest stars take on their new roles, such as Dakota Johnson learning how to be single in the Big Apple, make sure to read the books that inspired […]

12 Romance novels for fitness lovers

Ever meet someone you just KNEW should be on the cover of a romance novel? Well, a friend of XOXO thinks her personal trainer, Paul, is just that kind of someone…and he’s inspired her to imagine some romances perfect for any red-blooded fitness freak! Read on for some tongue-in-cheek suggestions…and some pretty great photos! Barred to You — […]

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