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What I’m Reading: Jenn Bennett

XOXOAD is so excited to announce a new weekly feature on Wednesdays! The What I’m Reading column will showcase page-turning, I-can’t-put-it-down, ohmigod-what-just-happened,  just-one-more-chapter-I-promise reads straight from sources we trust—our authors, of course! And any voracious reader knows there are so many books out there, it can be hard to choose just what to read next. […]

James Lee Burke: Great American Crime Writer

Although XOXOAD features a lot of romance fiction in our daily diet, one cannot live by roses and chocolate alone. Sometimes you need something a bit sterner, a bit edgier, something that feeds a different part of your soul–your inner badass! So watch this week for posts reminding us that even when life (and books, and […]

Sara Luck Writes Romances with a Checkered Past

Are you a fan of historical romance? It was my first love when I discovered the genre, not just for the wonderful romantic stories, but also the clothes, the manners, the balls, the carriages…can you tell Regency is my favorite historical genre? But in addition to all the bells and whistles, I actually learned a […]

Contest: Valentine’s Day Editor Round-up!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether that sentiment gave you a cuddly, warm fuzzy feeling or you grimaced and got a bit nauseous, this post is perfect for you! Our esteemed editors of XOXO AD all came together to share their book suggestions with you during these most romantic times. Some are pro-Valentine’s Day, some are anti, […]

You Won’t Believe the Real Books Behind These Clickbait Titles!

Notice how everything on the web now has to have a title that makes you click? Who can resist “You Won’t Believe This One Weird Trick to Losing Weight!” or “A Reporter and an Elephant Seal Pup Meet & You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!” Well, The Millions decided to apply this technique to some […]

Five TV Stars Most Likely to Lose it in 2014

Now that X-Mas has passed us by once again in a flurry of holly sprigs and eggnog, onto the next holiday: NEW YEAR’S. Ah, a new year. New beginnings. A time filled with family, friends, and promise for the future. EVERYONE deserves a do-over on New Year’s. Even the celebrities who have entertained, enthralled, enraged, […]

Last-Minute Gifts, $1.99 and under!

I’m sure all of you are Organized People who have finished your Christmas shopping, sent your cards, and are now just sipping mulled wine in front of a roaring fire (or whatever it is OPs do the day before Christmas). But just in case you are, or know, a Disorganized Person, perhaps you haven’t quite checked everyone […]

Do You Like to Watch (Your Books)?

As we cap off our Suspense Week, I found myself thinking about all the authors I’ve loved who achieve that apparent pinnacle of success, having their book made into a movie. I once heard from an author with many books to his credit that the best thing a writer could hope for is to have […]

Get in the Christmas Spirit!

Check out these great picks to get you in the Christmas Spirit!

Rebecca’s Lost Journals

Find all four parts of Lisa Renee Jones’ Rebecca’s Lost Journals e-serial here!

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