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Welcome To The OC B*tch: S10E1

by Diana V. Here are 21 thoughts I had while watching Real House of Orange County, Season 10 Episode 1. First of all, it’s unbelievable that we’re on the 10th season of the OG OC but that doesn’t mean we’ve run out of crazy. Whether you’ve watched all 9 seasons or are new, you won’t be disappointed […]

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….Aaaaaand We’re Back Getting right back into last week’s action, we see an irate, sheer-paneled-clad Kaitlyn stomping her way to Clint and dragging him aside to have a “chat”—i.e., someone’s about to get cut and it ain’t the chick with bird tattoos on her arms. Part of me admires K’s resoluteness in sticking to her […]

bachelorette Kaitlyn

The Bachelorette: How Low Can You Sumo?

So this week’s trainwreck begins pretty much the same way last week’s ended: with Kaitlyn stomping around in her sparkly cut-out dress demanding justice against the evil Kupah. Not sure if the Kupes is a NAACP plant or if he just likes attention, but bro will NOT let it go and Kaitlyn’s #overit. Kupah: “Honestly, […]

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The Bachelorette: Laughs and Riots

The Bachelorette is now following ABC’s new game show, 500 Questions, and I bet our Kaitlyn has 500 questions for her passel of eager swains…not the least of which should be, “Did you vote for Britt?” But this morning Kaitlyn’s just happy to be the chosen Bachelorette, and cheerfully acknowledges to a visiting Chris Harrison […]

Get your bake on!

In this delicious post, Brian Emmett, winner of CBS’s The American Baking Competition, shares his favorite summery dessert recipe just in time for the warm weather. His first cookbook, Get Your Bake On: Savory and Sweet Recipes from My Home to Yours, is available in print and ebook now. Berry Trifle Cake Serves 8 I’m […]

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The Bachelorette Premiere Part 2: All Aboot The K-Meister

Last night left off on the unforgivable and totally unnecessary cliffhanger of who in the heck will be the next victim of the cruel ABC torture machine Bachelorette. BRITT? KAITLYN? Let’s find out! Chris H. wasted absolutely no time in bursting Britt’s Disney Princess bubble and letting her know she hasn’t been chosen as Bachelorette. […]

“I’m All Horned Up!” An Uncomfortable Bachelorette Premiere

Mondays just got a whole lot better. Yes, friends, The Bachelorette is back only two months after last season’s final rose episode aired (thanks for the quick turnaround time, ABC). But unfortunately for Bachelor/Bachelorette nation, the season premiere was more cringe-inducing than anything else due to ABC’s completely insane decision to have two Bachelorettes. Chris Harrison […]

Rock out with the @DuchessofRock

It isn’t a coincidence that author Sarah Tomlinson goes by the @DuchessofRock on Twitter – she puts together a pretty awesome playlist. To kick off the release of her memoir, Good Girl, Sarah shared with us the songs that inspired her. You can also catch up on what books she’s been reading lately. To listen […]

XOXperts Review YOUNGER

Our lovely XoXperts reviewed YOUNGER by Pamela Redmond Satran, now a TV series on TV Land staring Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff, Debi Mazar and directed by Darren Star of Sex and The City! What did they think? Read on to find out! First, a quick synopsis: 44 year-old Alice has had a difficult year and chooses […]

The Bachelor: Farmer? I Hardly Know Her!

Can it be time already, my best beloveds? Farmer Chris’s fields lie fallow under a dusting of snow, and beauties tumble from the show like rose petals cast upon a fantasy suite bathtub. Tonight our fair farmer in the dell brings the two finalists back to meet his family (aka 42% of the population of Arlington, TX) […]

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