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The Bachelor Women Tell All: Of Kings and Prophets and Ben

Last night’s Women Tell All episode showed us that competing on The Bachelor is a direct catalyst to a jumpsuit/bad ombre job/chartreuse lipstick fetish, and that Ben is still ‘the most popular Bachelor ever’ despite pulling a total douche move last week and telling both JoJo and Lauren that he’s in love with them. I honestly thought […]


This week’s Bachelor episode proved that Jamaica is a little slice of Fantasy Suite paradise where people go to eat lots of suspicious-looking jerk chicken, get crabs, and lose any and all sense of filter or what’s conventionally appropriate (lookin’ at you, loverboy). Continuing on our tour of third-rate vaca destinations, Ben points out all the ‘best’ […]

Here’s What We Really Think About The Oscars

It’s so difficult to write an Oscar prediction post without being biased.  Obviously, you can guess which the academy might pick but when you think someone deserves to win…. they deserve to win and to hell with the academy! Just kidding, if for whatever reason I might win an Oscar in the future, I don’t […]

Bachelor Recap: Bringing Home the Benjamin

This week was everyone’s favorite: HOMETOWNS! Always a lovely opportunity to imagine how the bachelorettes will age and determine who didn’t inherit the family nose got plastic surgery (Amanda and Jojo, lookin’ at you guys). AMANDA The episode starts off with Amanda and Ben running into each other’s arms on the beach, a scene worthy of the silver […]

The Bachelor: Get Your Dr. Scholl’s Ready, We’re Off to the Orthopedic Capital of the World

Clearly ABC decided it would be NBD to bore the shit out of us last night with a full two hours of Ben and the women in his hometown of Warsaw, IN, since they figured everyone was probs watching the Grammys anyways. Well not I, friends! This episode proved that Ben is a huge momma’s boy who couldn’t […]

The Bachelor: Hurricane Leah Hits the Bahamas, and It’s a Doozy

Last night’s episode was basically a study in what happens when an early incarnation of the Zika virus attacks all of The Bachelor contestants at once on a Bahamas vaca and turns them into sobbing, paranoid, scheming (I’m looking at you, Leah) shells of their former selves. Pull it TOGETHER, ladies, we’ve got a ways […]

THE BACHELOR: Iowa Caucus Results. JK It’s The Bachelor Recap.

But did anyone else freak the f*ck out there for a minute when it seemed like ABC might have the audacity to detract from our Bachelor Nation time AT RANDOM INTERVALS for something as trivial as the 2016 presidential race? Way to make me super tense and anxious for two full hours, ABC. Luckily there were no ridiculous […]

THE BACHELOR: What Happens in Vegas Gets Broadcasted on National TV and It’s Really, Really Bad

  This week was essentially a case study in what happens when you take a bunch of giggling idiots to Las Vegas and ask them to act out the lyrics to the Katy Perry song, minus the gambling. Just another morning in Bachelor Manse with the ladies lolling around and sharing some deep observations: Lauren […]

The Bachelor: Olivia’s Toes are the new Olivia’s Mouth

Week Three of our favorite pastime and Monday survival mechanism was slightly less boring than last week’s ep. TG for drama. Not only do we have Olivia rocking the “villain’s gotta vill” role but now Jubilee is playing the lonely victim who no one likes/sits alone in the corner looking sour and Amber has taken […]

THE BACHELOR: First They’re Sweet, Then They’re Sour, Then They’re Gone

Unless your name is Lace and the producers are slipping Ben $20s to keep you around. Let the incessant day drinking begin! Episode 2 of this season opens with the ladies looking much fresher than at the first night’s rose ceremony, clinking mimosas and toasting to an upcoming two months of backstabbing deceit, high-volume drama, […]

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