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Bachelorette Recap: Stronger than the Snore

We’re back! I missed last week, alas, and we’re down to only 13 hopeful bachelors…”the 13 people who Des thinks she could spend her life with.” When did this show turn into a reverse Sister Wives? As we open the show, the Boys learn that they’re being whisked off to Atlantic City to begin the […]

Dudes become Daddies

It seems that love was very clearly in the air about nine months ago, seeing as how half of Hollywood either just gave birth or is about to. Plus there were a ton of first time fathers celebrating on Sunday with a whole new appreciation for a day devoted to them. Some want the world […]

Bachelorette Recap: The Right Reasons

As connoisseurs (and -seuses) of all things romantic, we here at XOXO After Dark are naturally watching The Bachelorette. Come back every week to see the latest recap of every fight, every tear–and of course, every rose. Welcome, Bachelorette fans or hate-watchers! I skipped recapping the first ep, but the short version is that Desiree, […]

When True Love Isn’t True, or Why I Love the Bachelorette

This site is about books, of course, but even a healthy diet of romance novels needs a little variety. Is it really such a big step to romance of the reality TV sort? That’s why I can’t wait for the new season of “The Bachelorette,” which airs on May 31. We’ll watch Desiree (good romance […]

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