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Five-Minute Nashville: Family Affair

Last night’s Nashville was all about family–where you come from, who knows your darkest secrets, and where you turn when your blood relations let you down. Stirring stuff, but really, I’d rather just more singing. So, we open with the ladies of Clan James standing at the headstone of Rayna and Tandy’s mom (who, as […]

Enjoying New York Comic Con?

So, how’s #NYCC going for you so far? Simon & Schuster was excited to welcome New York Comic Con attendees to the booth, where fans could pick up free books, news about upcoming publications and discounts, and meet our new best friend:   Cardboard Joe will be at Booth #1828 for the whole con, just […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Singin’ & Swingin’

Things were a little slow in Music City last night, I feel…but we did get closure on a couple of things. Rayna and Sketchy Teddy sign their divorce papers, which seems to send both of them off to cut loose a little. With Rayna, that doesn’t bother me much, because her version of “cutting loose” […]

NASHVILLE – Five Minute Recap, Y’all!

Wednesday night is Nashville night, so that means Thursday is your Nashville-in-a-minute recap! If you don’t watch this delicious slice of TV-melodrama pie, you’re missing out, and here’s why. If you love the show, but haven’t seen last night’s ep yet, stop reading! Spoilers ahead. I will insert a pleasing graphic to give you some space […]

Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Watching NASHVILLE

Can we talk about Nashville? Not the city—though I imagine it’s lovely—but the soapy melodrama that sets family secrets and professional feuds against the background of country music’s Hollywood. Y’all, I am from New England and yet this show makes me say things like “y’all.” It is so crazy and over the top, but so […]

The Final Rose: the Bachelorette Recap

Finale! Bachelorette history! Will Desiree go home without one of the 25 dudes she was destined to fall in love (or at least vague superficial attraction) with? We rejoin her in pensive mode on the deck of her Antigua suite, mourning the loss of Brooks. She recaps for us, explaining that when his mom and […]

Bachelorette recap: Caribbean Blues

I missed recapping the home visits, but I would never abandon you for the bitter end! Tonight, Des takes her top three gents to Antigua (finally, some truly enviable scenery). BUT…tragedy strikes even in paradise! The previews show Des telling us that she’s falling in love, and then weeping inconsolably to Chris Harrison. Whatever could […]

Bachelorette: Truth or Madeira

I tune in a speck late because I was watching the last of an awesome Futurama (done in 3 different animation styles, including a hilarious take on anime). But we’re here just in time to see the remaining Bachelosers riding a sloop with Desiree to Madeira, off the coast of Portugal. It does look beautiful! […]

Bachelorette: The Rain in Spain is Actually Tears

Bienvenidos, Bachelorette fans! Des and her seven swains a-sweating (oops, there are eight!) are in Barcelona this week, city of romance. (So far the sun-kissed boulevards and warm yellow stone are definitely more encouraging than Munich. Sorry, Germany.) I missed the opening minutes, but have joined in time to see clean-cut Drew get a one-on-one […]

Bachelorette: Three Is the Loneliest Number

Fresh off the Hurricane Sandy tour, our Bachelorette and her swains are ready to get the heck out of Dodge…and while it’s hard to imagine anyplace more romantic than storm-ravaged New Jersey, the producers are whisking everyone off to Munich! (I ask again, why no tropical locale? Surely this show makes enough money to afford […]

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