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The Fourth Day of Manganiello

On the fourth day of Joe, XOXO gave to thee…   Action Joe! The hits just keep on coming. Keep coming on back to see more Joe, and especially on Dec. 16, when we’ll be capping off our Joepiphany celebration with a great giveaway! Books, DVDs and more–enter in the comments that day for a […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Stop Whining, All Y’all

Oof, everyone on Nashville annoyed me tonight, mostly because they are all creating DRAMA where no drama need exist. I suppose it’s churlish to complain about too much drama on a nighttime soap opera, but tonight I felt like we’ve seen it all before. The Good: The sniping on Juliette’s tour is getting fierce–Layla’s too […]

The Second Day of Joe Manganiello

On the second day of Joe, XOXO gave to thee…     And remember to come back at on December 16, when we’ll be capping off our 12 Days of Joe with a bonus day and giveaway, including signed copies of EVOLUTION, a set of True Blood DVDs, and more! On the first day of Joe… On the third […]

The Twelve Days of Manganiello!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…but you know who’s not? Joe Manganiello! Why? Because he has a brand new fitness book out, called EVOLUTION! Now, we at XOXOAD are not necessarily the most fitness-minded bunch, but we are motivated by pictures of handsome, scantily-clad gentlemen–something EVOLUTION has in spades. So, for the next twelve […]


This Thanksgiving weekend, we’re all going to give thanks for our family, our loved ones, and our existence on this wonderful earth. Yeah, yeah, yeah—that’s all very important, yes. But let’s all make sure that we do not forget one very specific Thanksgiving blessing: that we are in our own homes (or those of our […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Tour-apalooza

All those storylines that have been dragging along for weeks? They all blew up tonight! Here’s what you missed: Fake Pregnancy Peggy realized that she couldn’t keep up the FP forever, especially now that Sketchy Teddy has decided to be a good husband and attend his wife’s doctor’s appointments. So, one stop to the local […]

Beanie Baby Hunger Games

I swear this isn’t becoming a Hunger Games fan site, but c’mon, how can you not want to watch the Hunger Games story retold with Beanie Babies? The lead is Katniss EverBean, people! I do this for you. via The Hairpin and The Online Musical (here’s their YouTube channel for more fun stuff)

Five-Minute Nashville: The Ties that Bind

If last week was love and marriage, this week is its inevitable successor: family. In the House of James, Sketchy Teddy is on the brink of marrying Fake-Pregnant Peggy, who wants the two little Jameses to sing at the wedding. (FPP, like Mellie on the equally soapy-delicious Scandal, is a political animal who understands the importance […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Sexxxy Edition

Last night on Nashville…everybody canoodled with everybody else. OK, there was some minor plot advancement, but seriously, it was mostly banging. Here are the couples who got frisky this week: Deacon & Lady Lawyer: She takes him to a charity polo match, where he feels out of place but hangs with her Lady Lawyer Colleagues […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Can She Sing?

This is coming very late, so will genuinely be short, as I don’t remember all the details. (Getting older, don’tcha know…) But I remember the most important thing, which is that RAYNA CAN SING, Y’ALL!!!! Hallelujah and great day in the morning, her throat is healed.  But we don’t know that right away. As we […]

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