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Five-Minute Nashville: Days of Whine and Posers

I’m really going to try to bring in this week’s 5-minute Nashville in something close to 5 minutes, because I’m exhausted and it’s too cold and I have officially hit Threat Level Fed Up With Winter. So hang on and let’s go! I could just give you the 1-minute Nashville thusly: Shut up, Scarlett! She […]

Sherlock Recap: The Empty Hearse

XOXO After Dark extends a warm welcome to its newest TV recapper, Gallery Books publicist Kristin Dwyer! Like many of us, Kristin is a rabid Sherlock fan, so when she offered to recap the show for us, we jumped at the chance! Who wouldn’t want a little more Cumberbatch in her day, right? So read on […]

The Bachelor: Kiss of the Spider Women

The bloom is off the Bachelor rose this week, as Juan Pablo said some pretty gross things about gay couples and parents–he subsequently attributed them to the language barrier, and then released a GLAAD-approved statement taking it all back. But consider this your first look at the real JP, I guess. Tonight, we start with […]

Livetweeting V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic

Whether you’re a V.C. Andrews fan from way back and read Flowers in the Attic at summer camp (it was always at summer camp, wasn’t it?), or you’re just discovering this juicy, drama-filled story for the first time thanks to the Lifetime movie, join editors @Adam_Detritus and @AbZurdity as they livetweet the show (tonight at […]

Flowers in the Attic : A Survival Guide

Don’t eat the powdered donuts!!! Ahem…we mean: this Saturday, January 18, join Flowers FanAttics (hee hee!) everywhere for the defining event of 2014—heck the defining event of Humanity—the Lifetime TV movie version of Flowers in the Attic! Yes, Flowers in the Attic. The legendary book by V.C. Andrews that your parents didn’t want you to […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Who’s In, Who’s Out Edition

Nashville’s back! We had to make it through the holidays and the Polar Vortex without the comforting glow of Connie Britton’s hair, but at last, we’re back in the harmonious (see what I did there?) climes of  Tennessee, where when last we visited, all hell was breaking loose. As you may recall, the mid-season break […]

The Bachelor Recap: Dog Day Afternoon

I miss the sweeping intro, and am plunged right into Bachelor business as JP’s first date card arrives! I still can’t tell any of these women apart, but hopefully tonight they’ll demonstrate enough crazy behavior to sort out the field. Shall we begin? Date 1: JP whisks First Date Girl [sorry, I started late and […]

Juan Pablo’s Pectoral Muscles, Airing Mondays 8p.m. EST on ABC

Last night was the kickoff to Season 18 of ABC’s The Bachelor, a show in which female contestants vie for the undying love and affection of American’s most eligible dude. So who’s America’s yummiest new male morsel? Juan Pablo Galavis, obvs. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that Juan P. (as he will […]

Five TV Stars Most Likely to Lose it in 2014

Now that X-Mas has passed us by once again in a flurry of holly sprigs and eggnog, onto the next holiday: NEW YEAR’S. Ah, a new year. New beginnings. A time filled with family, friends, and promise for the future. EVERYONE deserves a do-over on New Year’s. Even the celebrities who have entertained, enthralled, enraged, […]

The Honest Plot Summary Movie Challenge (via Slate)

Looking for a little time-waster while you wait for a bus/plane/wagon train/jetpack? Try this quiz from The Honest Plot Summary movie challenge. What’s an honest plot summary? Well, here’s a book version to give you an example: Rich girl meddles in neighbor’s love lives, keeps richest guy for herself. Answer: Emma. Get the idea? Cockeyed, Rosencrantz & […]

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