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Five-Minute Nashville: Contracts Edition

This really will be a five-minute Nashville tonight, because we focused mostly on all the boring characters! But I liked the music a lot. Oh, Nashville, you keep sucking me back in. Anyway, let’s check on the chickens: Gunnar is so excited about his new band with Zoe and Avery that he’s having some sort […]

The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

I often skip this episode of each Bachelor season, but this time, I’m looking forward to it! It seems that the women in the house, by and large, like each other a lot more than they like Juan Pablo–and if the previews are to be believed (admittedly, a big if), they will be talking some […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Four Tunings and a Funeral

I missed recapping the last ep before the break, and shame on me! Because it was a doozy. Here’s the five-second Nashville for that one: Scarlett’s popping pills, Tandy told Rayna that their dad killed their mom, and Lamar DIED. More to the point, he had a heart attack in Teddy’s office, and Teddy stood […]

The Bachelor: Final Fantasy

We’re back for part two of our Most! Dramatic! Fantasy Suite! Episode! Ever! The previews have promised us beautiful St. Lucia scenery, lavish tropical dates, and most of all, tears and recriminations, which are the best parts of any Bachelor episode. So onward and downward! We open on bugs, lizards and frogs…is this a metaphor […]

The Bachelor: Meeting the Parents, Juan Pablo Style

This week’s episode of The Bachelor—the first of a two-night, mini-marathon—took us to each of the remaining contestants’ hometowns, where they got to wine and dine Juan Pablo and impress him by showing off a “real” piece of their everyday lives. Hey, I don’t know about you guys, but I defs shoot guns, totter around […]

The Bachelor: You Can’t Dump Me, I Quit Edition

I prepped for tonight’s recap by watching Olympic coverage all day, leaving me particularly susceptible to foreign men with accents (and also allowing me to see the results of the ice dance competition before this episode airs). But that’s not to say I’ve had my fill of drama! Here’s hoping Juan Pablo’s fading suitors (suitresses?) […]

The Bachelor: Walkout or Fakeout?

When we left our bachelor last, he was hurting the feelings of various potential life mates, but none more than Clare, who made the mistake of getting a little too friendly with him after hours. The previews for tonight suggest that we’re not done with that drama yet–and that it might spread to Sharleen, as […]

The Bachelor: You Don’t Know, Man! You Weren’t There!

The Bachelor is off to Vietnam this week, which promises astounding scenery from the setting and questionable behavior from the stars. The ladies ooh and aah over their resort digs, and ride an awesome funicular up to the hotel. Right away, it’s time for the one-on-one date card, and this week it’s for Renee! She’s […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Speaking Truth to Power Edition

Tonight’s Nashville recap is brought to you by a lot of cold medicine, so it will be both shorter and less coherent than usual. Whee! Rayna is getting ready to announce her album launch now that her single (co-written with Deacon) is ready to go, and boyfriend Luke Wheeler is happy to help out. He […]

The Bachelor: Gangnam Style?

First off, since I missed this on Monday, I’m watching the Tivo’d version…which tells you right in the description who gets the one-on-one date! C’mon, Tivo. Although it’s convenient for me. And then, the previews of the night’s ep actually spoil that info as well, so I guess I can’t be too upset at Tivo. […]

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