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Five-Minute Nashville: For the Troops Edition

Poor Juliette! The show opens with her taking a Silkwood shower and weeping with regret after her drunken jaunt with Evil Label Guy. Then we get a big meeting between Rayna and a ton of radio programmers which serves as an info dump to tell us that Rayna’s livestream worked, they like her songs, but […]

Orphan Black: The Musical

This show moves so quickly that every scene is like 30 seconds long! Makes for huge recaps that aren’t that funny. Sorry, guys–I’ll try to be a little livelier! Felix and Sarah wake up in their truck, having slept out in a field all night. They talk a little about how freaky it is that […]

Game of Thrones Quiz: All Men Must Spell

The latest treat from Vulture is this Game of Thrones spelling quiz: it works like Hangman, but you only get one strike! It’s harder than it looks…even the “easy” names have all those extra vowels. We got 9/10…how’d you do? Go here to try it yourself. Thanks, Vulture!

Orphan Black: Clone Phone Home

Leaping into tonight’s program, we’re back in the ER, where the doctors are searching for Helena’s identity, and stunned at how she even managed to survive. Cut to Sarah, with Felix at Art’s place, when the phone rings and it’s Kira! She’s only on it long enough to say she doesn’t know where she is […]

Orphan Black: The One True Recap

As you know if you’ve spent much time poking around XOXOAD, we are not only book lovers, but television lovers. And while of course the Bachelor and its clones hold a special place in our hearts, tonight we thought we’d take that “clone” thing a bit more literally: welcome to our first ever Orphan Black […]

GAME OF THRONES: Season 4 Premiere recap!

Pocket Star Editorial Director and mega-Jon Snow fan Lauren McKenna graciously offered (i.e., sat in our offices and refused to leave until we agreed) to recap the Game of Thrones premiere from us–and we were not disappointed! Enjoy… The Season 4 premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ aired on April 6 – Finally!  I don’t know about […]

V.C. Andrews’ Petals on the Wind: Home is where the heart is?

In Petals On the Wind, the kids from Flowers in the Attic are all grown up but not exactly over the whole trapped-in-an-attic thing they went through. Cathy is understandably pissed at their mother for poisoning and abandoning them to the whims of a cruel and demented grandmother. Now, it’s time for a bit of […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Late Edition

Are y’all still hanging on with me to Nashville? I watch faithfully, and this week that’s about the only faithfulness that comes anywhere near this show! Everyone is sexing someone else, and ain’t nobody happy about it. Oh, also, there’s singing. (Really, isn’t that Nashville in a nutshell?) So, our couples of the hour: Will & Layna […]

Bachelor After the Final Rose: Chris Harrison for President

So after the most confusing/disturbing Bachelor finale to date, this was one Final Rose special I was actually dying to see. Has Nikki wised up and, after watching a season rife with her dream guy acting like a total D-bag, ditched the dud? Has J.P. realized the many, many errors of his ways, and come […]

The Bachelor: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

And so we arrive at the last night of this winter of our discontent, assembled to watch a clueless narcissist select one of two shades of blonde to be his lawful wedded TV wife. There will be family! Dresses! Scowling! Sobbing! Who could ask for anything more? We open with an unusual preface from Chris […]

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