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Orphan Black: Mother and Child Reunion

We pick up right where we left off last week, with Allison showing us the best way to clean a midsize sedan after you’ve tossed a murder victim in the back. It’s no surprise that Donnie sucks at this like he does everything else. Alison’s cleaned the whole car while Donnie’s just staring at the […]

Orphan Black: Trans Edition

Holy crap, you miss one week…apparently they took Duncan to meet his “daughter” Rachel, and Donnie killed Leekie in a total accident, which figures! Cosima was given stem cells from the mystery line, which turned out to be from…Kira’s tooth! Tonight opens with a bald man with a gut wound being assisted by a masked […]

What I’m Reading: Jenn Bennett

XOXOAD is so excited to announce a new weekly feature on Wednesdays! The What I’m Reading column will showcase page-turning, I-can’t-put-it-down, ohmigod-what-just-happened,  just-one-more-chapter-I-promise reads straight from sources we trust—our authors, of course! And any voracious reader knows there are so many books out there, it can be hard to choose just what to read next. […]

Incomplete Bachelorette! Tragedy!

Disaster! Tivo failure! So I come in only for the last half an hour–I’m so sorry! But I’m here in time to tell you that Andi’s dress is ridonkulous–her rhinestones are getting bigger and bigger, so now she just looks like a human geode. She’s like a bad tribute in the Hunger Games. Andi’s having […]

The Bachelorette: 90s Throwback and One Extremely Offensive Pair of Pants

This week, ABC is generously giving us a double dose of The Bachelorette, with one full-length episode last night (Sunday) and another tonight. Honestly, it feels like Christmas. So this week began with an exciting announcement from Chris Harrison that the dates with Andi will all be taking place in… drum roll please… none other […]

The Bachelorette: Not-So-Magic Mike Edition

Andi awakes at her palatial product-placed villa, complete with fresh calla lilies in the bathroom and a plunge pool on the patio, and tells us how excited she is to simultaneously date 19 guys in 6 weeks so she can convince herself that one of them is a real relationship. Coach Chris Harrison is greeting […]

Orphan Black: I’ll Have What She’s Having

We open tonight’s show with Sara and Helena in a (very spacious) tent in the woods, demonstrating that camping is for crazy people. Helena is eating beans out of a can, and Sarah makes a feeble attempt to get the location of the “Cold River” from her clone sis. Helena is canny, though, and points […]

The Bachelorette: CSI Husband Edition

We’ve all rested up from Juan Pablo’s season of dating horror, which was basically like an 8-week speed dating event at the local community center, and now we’re ready to jump back into the sordid, unfiltered dating pool! Our Bachelorette is one of last season’s many women to jump ship, Andi–the show opens by reminding […]

Orphan Black: You Miss ONE Week Edition

Lord, I missed last week’s episode and apparently all hell broke loose! Helena escaped from the World’s Creepiest Honeymoon, and showed up just in time to save Sarah from Daniel’s clutches (after we thought he’d been suitably splatted by Liam/Daario/Cal in his truck). Helena killed the shit out of Daniel and left him in a bloody […]

Petals on the Wind Excerpt – V.C. Andrews & Lifetime TV

V.C. Andrews’ Dollanganger series came out over thirty years ago, but for many devoted readers of this classic gothic tale, Christopher, Cathy, and Foxworth Hall still loom large. Recently, we were thrilled to watch Lifetime’s amazing new version of Flowers in the Attic–it was over-the-top juicy fun, just like we remembered! So you can imagine how […]

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