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The Bore-chelor: Out Standing in his Field

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…we’re baaaaack! Yes, it’s time for another season of The Bachelor. Our “prince” this time is the nice but dullsville castoff from Andi’s “Bachelorette” season, Farmer Chris. Because Chris proved to be boring beyond words–AND because this damn premiere is THREE HOURS long–I’m […]

Nice Guys Make Us Weak at the Knees

  They’re tough. They rugged. We swoon when they do their thing out on the ice–or at least this lifelong hockey fan does. …But they’re also incredibly sweet sometimes. Especially when they’re doing good deeds.   Every Halloween, members of the team dress up and pass out treats to the kids at the Boston Children’s Hospital. […]

Hello? I Need To Talk About My Book!

Sometimes you just need to talk, discuss, vent all your feelings about a book.  This book could have kept you up at night reading, made you laugh and cry all in the same chapter or might quite have possibly changed your life.  Whatever you connection with the book, you just know that you HAVE to […]

The Bachelorette: Andi’s Final Rose

Buckle your seatbelts, folks, we have three, count ’em, three HOURS of Bachelorette goodness to get through. And they’re trying to convince us that Andi is the most coveted, desired bachelorette ever as Chris tells us that the suitor she doesn’t pick is still not over her! “He tried to speak with her on her […]

The Bachelorette: Way, way too much revealed on The Men Tell All

The Men (or Women) Tell All episodes always come with a certain level of WHOA—was his skin that orange on the show? Wow, someone’s put on a few since Bora Bora—but this Men Tell All edition really took the Bachelor franchise to new heights–or I guess, in this case, lows–of pathetic. Topping the creepo chart […]

The Bachelorette: Everybody Into the Fantasy Suite–Not So Fast, Buddy

Final three! We are hitting Heartbreak Hill on this Bachelorette marathon, and the finish line is almost in sight (give or take The Men Tell All). Andi tells us that she’s brought three very different men to the beautiful Dominican Republic, and that she has quite a choice in front of her. (Would probably be […]

The Bachelorette: Hometowns of Horror

It’s that most fateful of shows, the hometown episode! And Andi is feeling confident as she strides through Milwaukee to see Nick and meet his fam. (The other three bachelors, as you’ll recall, are Chris, Marcus and Josh.) Nick meets Andi at an outdoor market full of fancy snacks and–oh! we have our first Cheesehead […]

The Bachelorette: Mussel by Mussel, Eating Thru Brussels

Ah, Brussels, Begium: One place I’ve never had any desire to travel to, and apparently neither has Andi, since in the opening talking heads scenes she recites the requisite “Brussels Fun Facts” with all the enthusiasm of someone on her way for a root canal. I love Andi’s completely organic and not-at-all-prompted eye for the […]

The Bachelorette: No Treat For You, Mr. Thankful.

This week takes the ever-dwindling group to Italy, where they engage in super culturally-relevant activities such as lie detector tests and answering fan mail! I don’t know about you guys, but I felt the Italian vibes coming off the TV in waves! Nick V. Date: Salty to Sweet Andi chooses Nick for a one-on-one, ostensibly […]

The Bachelorette: Cooks in the Kitchen Edition

Oh, Bachelorette, why must you be two hours long? I still have to make dinner and read a manuscript tonight, but we also have to go to Marseille in search of true love! (Or, in the spirit of the evening, l’amour vrai.) What’s a girl to do? Type faster. Andi tells us that she’s never […]

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