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The Bachelor: Women Tell All, Chris Tells Nothing Because He Cannot Speak

Last night’s Women Tell All episode kicked off with the requisite ‘Chris H. and bachelor/ette “surprise” viewers in their homes with a “completely spontaneous” guest appearance!’ Yes, I’m sure the multiple course, farm-to-table themed meal at House #1 was just a spur of the moment kind of thing, and not at all for the cameras. […]

The Bachelor: Bali Hi There, Wanna Go to the Fantasy Suite?

FINALLY! We’ve exhausted the glamour of Iowa and at last are going on a real exotic date…to Bali! (I guess they needed to scrimp a little in order to cover airfare…) Farmer Chris bestrides the land, admiring temples, frolicking monkeys and beautiful ocean vistas as he tells us that “any one of these women, I could […]

Casting Kresley Cole’s The Master

We had #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole poll her fans on who they would cast as Maks and Cat in her stunning romance The Master. She got a ton of feedback. Here are the Top 4 couples (in no particular order):   Jason Momoa & Naya Rivera   Dominic Purcell & Nina […]

The Bachelor: Not-So-Model Behavior (Pt. 2)

We come to you today with a heavy heart, weeping of shame at how late this recap to Part 2 of The Bachelor extravaganza from this week is **violent ugly crying** The truth is that Sunday night circus that ABC generously called an ‘episode’ did all of us at XOXO in for a few days, but […]

The Bachelor: Country Mouse Edition (Pt. 1)

This week is a mega-Bachelor-stravaganza, with a “Chris Tells All” show followed by two hours of Bachelor on Sunday (counterprogramming the SNL 40th anniversary special, which now makes me wish we could see a Bachelor edition that was all former SNL comedians–just as broken, twice the funny!), and even more Bachelor on Monday! How can […]

The Bachelor: Bach-shit Crazy Edition

As you’ll recall from last week’s gripping installment (thank you again, Elana!), we left our Bachelor and Bachelorinas in medias res–except for Kelsey, whom we left weeping on the hall floor. And that’s just where we pick up again: Britt and Becca look vaguely concerned-yet-suspicious while Kelsey’s keening sobs travel throughout the house. She manages […]

The Bachelor: Let’s Open Up a Can O’ Crazy in Santa Fe

…”Oh, sunny Santa Fe would be nice…” (cue Rent music fade out) But not as nice as Thailand or ‘Nam! I wonder if the women of this season are just pissed off that they have yet to be whisked off to a random locale outside the U.S. and are just like ‘I’m outtie’ and intentionally trying […]

The Bachelor: Virgin Territory

Forgive this somewhat truncated Bachelor recap! Thanks to Winter Storm Juno, I got stranded on the west coast and took a little while to find suitable Bachelor-viewing accommodations. But I live to serve, so here’s most of the show! I missed the first group date, which involved camping, and Kaitlyn skinny dipping or something (we’ve […]

The Bachelor: Jimmy Kimmel Edition

I hate to keep you waiting, my lovers of love! But my viewing of the Bachelor was delayed last night by my real job, for which they pay me. (Much as I might wish otherwise, Bachelor-recapping remains more of an avocation.) But if Farmer Chris and all the other recycled Bachelor/ette contestants have taught us […]

The Bachelor: Family Tragedy Edition

Welcome back, Bachelor fans! (Or hate-watchers–we don’t discriminate here.) We’ve met all the contestants (who we’ll loosely term “ladies”) and been reintroduced to the grade A hunk of prime beef known as Farmer Chris, who’s hoping to change that moniker to Famewhore Chris. To prepare for tonight’s recap, I’ve poured myself a full pint glass […]

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