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Quiz: What Kind of Dog Are You?

What do you get when you put a couple dogs in a photo booth? Only the cutest book ever! Lynn Terry, captures the adorableness that is dog selfies in her new photo book, Tails From The Booth.  We hosted Lynn and some of her furry friends in our office and it did not disappoint.  Spending all […]

Karen Robards Quiz + HUSH Excerpt

And once you’re done, reward yourself by dipping into this sexy excerpt from HUSH, available now from Pocket Books.  Her fingers automatically followed the path of his shirt collar, encountering both the warm skin at the nape of his neck and the short, crisp hair on the back of his head. Reluctantly she recognized how […]

An IAD Crossword! (Kres-word?)

If you’re a Kresley Cole fan, you’ve already spotted the beautiful new packages for her bestselling Immortals After Dark series…but do you know your Lore well enough to solve this crossword puzzle? We’ve posted it (sorry, not interactive!), but you can print out the puzzle (and answers–no peeking!) by clicking here: Lore Puzzle4. It’s a great […]

Quiz: Can You Name the Book from the First Line?

Did you use the long weekend to catch up on some reading? Test your SuperReader credentials by taking the quiz below (courtesy of Sporcle, which has a gazillion other quizzes for your button-clicking pleasure!): can you name the novels that open with these famous first lines?

How Well Do You Know Your Magic Mike XXL Men?

Because XOXOAD is nothing if not servicey, we felt it was important to direct everyone’s attention to the following quiz:   This is the opening screen of Slate’s delightful ab quiz, determining just how good you are at matching the smooth, carved, rock-hard belly to the boy–excuse us, MAN. Click the image above and you’ll […]

Would You Rather? Manwhore vs. Vampire

There are two men in our lives that we can’t stop thinking about lately…  Malcolm Saint A.K.A. The Manwhore and Nikolai Dragomirov A.K.A. The Vampire   So this week, we challenged our XOXperts to a little game of Would You Rather? involving the aforementioned sexy guys. The Manwhore is very different from The Vampire and, like any man, they […]

What’s your Benedict Cumberbatch name?

The internet is full of goldmines. And memes. And funny kids. And so many Benedict Cumberbatch things! But nothing beats this article:   So of course, we wanted our own version of his name! Check out this name generator we found on Buzzfeed and let us know your Benedict Cumberbatch name! Sincerely, Bandagedonk Cumberbass  

Game On: It’s in the bag!

How well do you know the #BellesOnWheels authors? Try your hand at matching the suitcase with its owner! If you think you’ve paired them all, click here to find out if you’re correct! Happy gaming!                                         […]

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