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We had a blast at Book Bash! Photopalooza…

We had an amazing time at Book Bash, whether visiting with fans at the signing, celebrating with new Gallery and Pocket authors, or line dancing with everyone at the afterparty. (OK, we didn’t line dance–too uncoordinated for that!) Here’s a look at what went on…        

Bachelorette: The Rain in Spain is Actually Tears

Bienvenidos, Bachelorette fans! Des and her seven swains a-sweating (oops, there are eight!) are in Barcelona this week, city of romance. (So far the sun-kissed boulevards and warm yellow stone are definitely more encouraging than Munich. Sorry, Germany.) I missed the opening minutes, but have joined in time to see clean-cut Drew get a one-on-one […]

XOXO goes to Book Bash!

OK, so not all of us got to attend the Book Bash signing event in Orlando this weekend…but as you can see from the attached, we were there in spirit!   For more up-to-the-minute impressions of Book Bash, check out our WayIn page here: Book Bash WayIn.

Virtual Book Bash

So maybe you, like me, aren’t making it to Orlando this weekend for Book Bash. But you still wish you could join in all the fun, right? Well, here’s one way you can get a little taste of the action: Check out our Book Bash page on the new site, WayIn! This pulls in all […]

CONTEST! Want to be a Beautiful Player?

Attention, Christina Lauren fans! The Beautiful Bastard authors are having a Facebook contest you won’t want to miss… Let us know why YOU should be written into Beautiful Player! Enter by snapping a picture and finishing this sentence: “Put me into #BeautifulPlayer because …” . You can submit your entry through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Here’s […]

Bachelorette: Three Is the Loneliest Number

Fresh off the Hurricane Sandy tour, our Bachelorette and her swains are ready to get the heck out of Dodge…and while it’s hard to imagine anyplace more romantic than storm-ravaged New Jersey, the producers are whisking everyone off to Munich! (I ask again, why no tropical locale? Surely this show makes enough money to afford […]

Book Bash! Are You Going?

Have you heard about Book Bash? This massive book-signing event is taking place in Orlando this Saturday, with over fifty authors there to sign books, meet fans, and answer questions. Founded by Maryse’s Book Blog, this event features a ton of indie authors, traditionally published authors, and those who’ve crossed over one way or the […]

Bachelorette Recap: Stronger than the Snore

We’re back! I missed last week, alas, and we’re down to only 13 hopeful bachelors…”the 13 people who Des thinks she could spend her life with.” When did this show turn into a reverse Sister Wives? As we open the show, the Boys learn that they’re being whisked off to Atlantic City to begin the […]

Dudes become Daddies

It seems that love was very clearly in the air about nine months ago, seeing as how half of Hollywood either just gave birth or is about to. Plus there were a ton of first time fathers celebrating on Sunday with a whole new appreciation for a day devoted to them. Some want the world […]

Paranormal Romance Strikes Blow for 1st Amendment

                    How much do we love this article that ran in today’s Prison inmates are not allowed to have “obscene” reading material, apparently, but in the case of Andres Martinez, the book corrections officers confiscated was paranormal erotica–The Silver Crown, a Black Lace title, by […]

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