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Bachelorette recap: Caribbean Blues

I missed recapping the home visits, but I would never abandon you for the bitter end! Tonight, Des takes her top three gents to Antigua (finally, some truly enviable scenery). BUT…tragedy strikes even in paradise! The previews show Des telling us that she’s falling in love, and then weeping inconsolably to Chris Harrison. Whatever could […]

Rowling’s Next Secret Project a Romance?

  The following article originally appeared on, who have kindly agreed to let us share some of it here. To read the full article and many other book-related goodies, please click here or visit the site here. So now that the cat’s out of the back about THE CUCKOO’S CALLING, J.K. Rowling’s critically well-received […]

Congratulations, RITA Winners!

Last night, RWA concluded its annual conference with the sequin-studded RITA Awards. 1700 attendees get glammed up, sparkled up (and often Spanx’ed up) to watch their fellow writers vie for the coveted golden lady. (One thing I love? RWA also honors the editors of the winning books.) If you’re looking for a great romance to […]

Scenes from a Signing

One of the highlights of the RWA conference is the many publisher book signings. Pocket held theirs on Friday afternoon, with more than twenty authors in attendance. Below are a few impressions from the event–and at the end, despite the cartons and cartons of books we unpacked, nary a copy was left!  


It has been a SWELTERING week at the XOXO headquarters in NYC, and this heat wave doesn’t show any sign of stopping. It’s the type of weather that leaves only two appealing options for weekend activities: hunkering down in a café where the AC is blasting or hitting up a beach. Either way, having a […]

Scenes from RWA, Day 1…

Things I have learned already at #RWA13: 1) This week, it is cooler in Atlanta than in New York City. 2) It is possible to walk the three blocks to the conference hotel almost entirely in air conditioning. 3) If you sit in the middle of the Marriott Marquis bar, you will eventually see every […]

RWA, Here We Come!

  We’ve packed our suitcases, polished our nails, and scheduled more meals and drinks than one would think humanly possible, and now our Pocket editorial team is off to #RWA13! The annual Romance Writers of America conference is a 4-day whirlwind of meeting old friends and new, of hearing pitches from hopeful would-be authors and […]

A Golden Age of Geekdom (kicking off #SDCC)

Michael R. Underwood’s Celebromancy hits e-stores today–just in time for San Diego Comic Con. (Anyone need plane reading on their way to the West Coast? Hint. Hint.) In this follow-up to Geekomancy, which first portrayed Underwood’s unique urban fantasy world driven by the powers of fandom, we find Geekomancer Ree Reyes battling Hollywood, and those […]

Author Mia March, on the question no reader has to ask!

Mia March is the author of The Meryl Streep Movie Club and Finding Colin Firth, on sale now from Gallery Books! Very few readers have asked me why I wrote a novel called Finding Colin Firth–because it’s so danged obvious! Who doesn’t want a Colin Firth of her own? Since I first saw the Oscar-winning […]

Bachelorette: Truth or Madeira

I tune in a speck late because I was watching the last of an awesome Futurama (done in 3 different animation styles, including a hilarious take on anime). But we’re here just in time to see the remaining Bachelosers riding a sloop with Desiree to Madeira, off the coast of Portugal. It does look beautiful! […]

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