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Five-Minute Nashville: Can She Sing?

This is coming very late, so will genuinely be short, as I don’t remember all the details. (Getting older, don’tcha know…) But I remember the most important thing, which is that RAYNA CAN SING, Y’ALL!!!! Hallelujah and great day in the morning, her throat is healed.  But we don’t know that right away. As we […]

Excuse me, where do you shelve the babies?

  We’ve all heard the talk that bookstores need to diversify if they’re going to survive amidst the pressure of online book sales. It’s not enough to have shelves and shelves of books; now stores have to have toys, games, cafes, wifi…but is it time to add “birthing centers” to that list? Maybe, in the […]

Contest! And time for a taste test!

Michelle Diener, author of Banquet of Lies, has always had a passion for reading and writing. But that’s not all she’s passionate about! Check out her guest post below to see what other hobbies Michelle enjoys! ___________ I love to bake. Like, really love it. And I hope that leaps off the page in my upcoming […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Family Affair

Last night’s Nashville was all about family–where you come from, who knows your darkest secrets, and where you turn when your blood relations let you down. Stirring stuff, but really, I’d rather just more singing. So, we open with the ladies of Clan James standing at the headstone of Rayna and Tandy’s mom (who, as […]

Trailer: Kresley Cole’s ENDLESS KNIGHT of the Arcana Chronicles!

Who said teens can’t do it all? Certainly not New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole–in Endless Knight, the newest installment in her YA series The Arcana Chronicles, heroine Evie is equal parts brains, beauty, and bold. Oh, did we mention she’s an Empress? And tasked with saving the world? And has two delicious guys […]

Enjoying New York Comic Con?

So, how’s #NYCC going for you so far? Simon & Schuster was excited to welcome New York Comic Con attendees to the booth, where fans could pick up free books, news about upcoming publications and discounts, and meet our new best friend:   Cardboard Joe will be at Booth #1828 for the whole con, just […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Singin’ & Swingin’

Things were a little slow in Music City last night, I feel…but we did get closure on a couple of things. Rayna and Sketchy Teddy sign their divorce papers, which seems to send both of them off to cut loose a little. With Rayna, that doesn’t bother me much, because her version of “cutting loose” […]

Update: Sweepstakes Closed: Bestselling author Colleen Hoover tells us how she got started

We’re always telling you about great books here at XOXOAD, but we thought we’d try something different for a change and let Colleen Hoover tell you all about herself. Her new book, LOSING HOPE, is out now from Atria Books. Watch the video to hear all about how she got her start writing. At 33 […]

NASHVILLE – Five Minute Recap, Y’all!

Wednesday night is Nashville night, so that means Thursday is your Nashville-in-a-minute recap! If you don’t watch this delicious slice of TV-melodrama pie, you’re missing out, and here’s why. If you love the show, but haven’t seen last night’s ep yet, stop reading! Spoilers ahead. I will insert a pleasing graphic to give you some space […]

Cheers to Mrs. Poe!

You may remember reading about Mrs. Poe from our post back in May where author Lynn Cullen talked about the sexy Mr. Poe. Well, the book is now on sale! And what better way to celebrate than with a toast? Lynn has graciously contributed to our site again, but this time with a few period drink […]

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