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Beanie Baby Hunger Games

I swear this isn’t becoming a Hunger Games fan site, but c’mon, how can you not want to watch the Hunger Games story retold with Beanie Babies? The lead is Katniss EverBean, people! I do this for you. via The Hairpin and The Online Musical (here’s their YouTube channel for more fun stuff)

Does he look PROFESSIONAL to you?

Can’t wait for THE PROFESSIONAL Part 1? Check out PopSugar for an exclusive first look at the covers of The Professional II and The Professional III by Kresley Cole! The release date is just around the corner, but in the meantime we have something sinfully sweet to tide you over: an exclusive cover reveal for Parts 2 and 3 […]

Hunger Games Name Generator

Who’s excited for the release of Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games movie? I am! And happily, has given us something to celebrate with: a Hunger Games Name Generator! You can see it here…and they also include a link to The Capitol site that will tell you what district you’re from (with lots of other […]

“Cozy Up” with this Exciting Contest: Create-Your-Own Cozy Mystery!

Ah, these magical few weeks between fall and winter (finter? wall? fallinter?). Leaves crackling on the ground instead of mounds of slushy snow (and, if you live in New York or any other metropolitan area, very, very, dirty snow). Cute belted jackets soon to turn into heavy coats resembling giant puffer fish. High fashion boots […]

Five-Minute Nashville: The Ties that Bind

If last week was love and marriage, this week is its inevitable successor: family. In the House of James, Sketchy Teddy is on the brink of marrying Fake-Pregnant Peggy, who wants the two little Jameses to sing at the wedding. (FPP, like Mellie on the equally soapy-delicious Scandal, is a political animal who understands the importance […]

RT Reviewers’ Choice Nominees!

Congratulations to all the nominees for Romantic Times’ Reviewers’ Choice and Career Achievement awards! Nominees were announced today, and the winners will be announced in the June 2014 issue of RT Book Reviews. There are a ton of great books and authors on RT’s list, and you can see the whole thing here. But we’re […]

Yeehaw! Gallery Indie Authors at 2013 Houston BookRave!

They say everything’s bigger in Texas… even author conventions! Indie phenoms Marata Eros and Katy Evans represented Gallery last weekend at the 2013 Houston BookRave, an opportunity for avid fans to meet, greet, mingle, and fawn over an assortment of YA, New Adult, and Adult authors! With hundreds of attendees and featuring book giveaways, signings, […]

Five-Minute Nashville: Sexxxy Edition

Last night on Nashville…everybody canoodled with everybody else. OK, there was some minor plot advancement, but seriously, it was mostly banging. Here are the couples who got frisky this week: Deacon & Lady Lawyer: She takes him to a charity polo match, where he feels out of place but hangs with her Lady Lawyer Colleagues […]

An Editor talks about getting hooked on horror

To continue the week’s Halloween festivities, XOXOAD is pleased to share this guest post from Pocket & Gallery Senior Editor Ed Schlesinger, about the horror writer who got him hooked on a lifetime of scary reads. Take it away, Ed!   I had to be honest with myself: I just didn’t know what the hell […]

Halloween Treats w/Matthew Quinn Martin

Today for XOXO After Dark’s Halloween week, we welcome author and screenwriter Matthew Quinn Martin, whose horror novel NIGHTLIFE is now available from Pocket Star (and currently on sale for a mere $1.99!). We asked Matthew for a guest post on what Halloween means to him, and what we got surprised us. Be sure to […]

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