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Pizza Toppings Reveal Your Romantic Fate

Take our pizza quiz and reveal exactly what kind of romantic you are based on the toppings you choose. Trust us, it’s very scientific.    

CLOSED: Get Our Treats in Your Bag

Tis the season for trick or treating, and our favorite trick is to treat you to new books! (Hopefully getting you hooked on a new author–see, we’re monsters!) You could be the lucky person to win a prize pack full of all these creepy, eerie books…to enter, just leave us a comment telling us what […]

Join Lisi Harrison’s Dirty Book Club!

Obviously, dirty books are right up XOXO’s alley. Especially when they have amazing stories to go with the naughty bits! So of course we can’t wait for everyone to read The Dirty Book Club, the new book from Lisi Harrison (yes, that Lisi Harrison), in which four women come together to form a “dirty book” book […]

The Most Adorable Cosplayer in the World

Sure, babies in costume are cute, but none of them are cuter than sweet, sleepy Joey of Laura Izumikawa’s NAPTIME WITH JOEY! (Except YOUR baby, of course.) The Instagram sensation now has a book filled with some of Joey’s classic looks, plus tons of new ones! We defy you to look at these pictures without […]


Ever wondered how to get into cosplay? Read below to hear about what makes it great, from one of our XOXO colleagues! And if you’re attending NYCC this week, don’t forget to visit us at the Simon & Schuster booth for fun prizes, giveaways, and free books! More information can be found here. This post […]

Celebrate Your Book Boyfriend

It’s National Book Boyfriend Day! Which of course is practically a religious holiday for XOXO. To observe this most hallowed of days, we’ve prepared a list of our favorite book boyfriends worthy of their own holiday. Think of it as our Book Boyfriend Day gift to you! Bennett Ryan. He’s exacting, blunt, inconsiderate—and completely irresistible. […]

Can You Call Yourself a Rom-Com Expert?

We are rom-com addicts at XOXOAD, so we’re pretty sure we’ll ace this ’90s Rom-Com checklist from Buzzfeed. How many have you seen? Do you know your Best Friend’s Wedding from your Runaway Bride? Click the pic and take the quiz, then tell us how many you’ve seen in the comments. We’ll award you with an official XOXO […]

In Need of a New Read? This XOXpert Has You Covered!

Looking for a new e-book series but not sure where to start? One of our XOXperts, Chrissy from Reading Past My Bedtime, did the dirty work for you and read CHANGING THE PLAY, the first book in The Game Changer series by Julia Blake! Check out her review below, and if you like what you […]

Our 5 Favorite Urban Fantasies

Superheroes and comic books rule the movie screens – yeah, superpowers have always been cool, but now even the smaller heroes are household names. It has always amazed me that our caped crusaders don’t have more of a place in novels. Every now and then a comic-y book will take off, but that happens about […]

Who is your celeb BFF?

Ever dream of being best friends with a celebrity? Or thought you and a celebrity would get along great if you two could only meet?  Well, that’s what the book IMAGINES: BEST FRIEND/NIGHT EVER is all about! Check out IMAGINES: BEST FRIEND/NIGHT EVER and then take our “Who is your celeb BFF” quiz to see […]

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