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Quiz time! Can you tell the twins apart?

Identical twins… creepy, cool, and downright nigh on impossible to tell apart sometimes.  We’re excited about The Mirror Sisters, the first in this startling new series about a set of twins from our favorite author of all things dark and forbidden… We’ll just say this: Identical twins + perfectionism don’t mix well. You know you […]

Counting Down to Kim Harrison’s The Operator

Like diehard Kim Harrison fans the world over, we’re getting excited for the impending publication of her new book, THE OPERATOR! This is the second in the New York Times bestselling author’s Peri Reed Chronicles, starring “drafter” Peri Reed, a time-traveler of sorts who can alter history, but is destined to have that moment in […]

Judith McNaught Read-Along! #WhitneyWednesdays

If you listen to this week’s episode of our podcast, you’ll know that we’ve announced something very special for all you historical romance fans out there: Judith McNaught, grande dame of romance, has released FOURTEEN of her most beloved novels in e-format for the very first time! You can buy most of these new titles for […]

Love As I’m Navigating It: Halloween Edition

Florence, our fearless correspondent from the front lines of romance, has just encountered one of the rockiest shores in the relationship ocean: the holidays. And as she explains, it’s especially hard when you haven’t been dating that long!   I know the holidays are supposed to be, like, a fun time to be in a […]

I Live in Twin Peaks. I Am Known as the Log Lady.

Does the title of our post send anticipatory shivers down your spine? Do you hear the sound of wind through Douglas Firs when you order cherry pie and coffee? Then you’re probably one of the people who rushed out this week to buy Mark Frost’s THE SECRET HISTORY OF TWIN PEAKS. The cult show from […]

No Tricks, Just Treats in This Halloween Sweeps!

We want everyone to have a spooooooky good time this Halloween, whether you like partying with your favorite ghosts and goblins, or jump-scaring the neighborhood kids when they ring your bell for trick-or-treat. So we’re dropping this bundle of suspenseful, sexy, and sometimes downright scary books into your bag–and we’ll even throw in some Halloween […]

Love As I Know It: Requirements for Love

Our intrepid diarist of romance, Florence, may be paired up right now, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her singleton roots. And we think the list below has some pretty good advice, whether you’re single, married, or something in between!   (I uncovered this list a few days ago. It was floating around my diary […]

Love As I’m Forcing It

Florence, our intrepid reporter from the front lines of dating, has gone from the Tinder trenches to happily single to reconnecting with an old love. But will a simple list of questions be her undoing?   “I have a surprise for you,” I texted my boyfriend. “You’re going to LOVE it.” He knows I’m not […]

You score a goal! And YOU score a goal! And YOU…

Given the amazing response we got on our first post about hockey-player-hotness, we were reminded of two things: 1) people can tire of the in-your-face NFL football season quickly, and 2) hot guys being tough is, well, hot! So we figured it’s time for a little more–which in hockey means an overtime shootout! (For those […]

Sweeps Alert! Liora Blake gets fruity with FIRST STEP FORWARD

One of our all-time favorite authors Liora Blake is back and better than ever with a brand new series called The Grand Valley series! The first book, FIRST STEP FORWARD, will be out on November 29th, but in the meantime Liora wants to give you a chance to win a very special prize!  As a native of […]

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