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Lessons In Romance: Love As I Don’t Know It

  We’re back with another Lesson in Romance from our newest XOXO teammate, Florence.  This time around we have a french-fry-filled bus “meet cute”!   Complaining about my dating life at work pays off in the most unexpected and delightful ways. While I don’t know that anyone can benefit from my trials and tribulations in the […]

Diary of a Hopeless Romantic: Dreams, Disappointment, & One Double Date

I thought that when my best friend started seeing the guy who lived down the hall, I’d get to meet a whole slew of relatively attractive, newly independent, slightly older men who found my youth and obvious (attempts at) charm endearing and just the right amount of sexy. Much to my surprise, my little romance […]

Holiday Cheer from Romancelandia

Christmas in Romancelandia is a magical time: skaters taking turns on the Rockefeller Center ice rink, hordes of tourists gawking at the big tree, the line around the block at the Lego Store. (You caught me, Romancelandia is located at the S&S offices, but, hey, write what you know!) There’s a common refrain that gets […]

The Legend of Bonerjamz

Once upon a time in a land named Williamsburg, a young woman who reads entirely too many romance novels joined a bowling league. “Why?” you ask. Because the world is her oyster. Having been unable to convince her friends—trolls, all—to join with her, she signed up as a “free agent,” which means random assignment to […]

Never Sleep Alone, or, Who’s the Pluckiest of Them All?

“Plucky” heroines are a dime a dozen in romance—even if it’s an adjective you don’t see hear very often in real life. But in an attempt to amp up my pluck-factor, I took a large step outside my box and attended a totally immersive experience: Never Sleep Alone. Never Sleep Alone is a performance by […]

The Dud Farm

Romance can be hard. Ask any heroine! She’ll tell you that before she met Mr. Right, she had to sift through a mountain of bad prospects. Maybe he’s left her at the altar, maybe she was dating a boring man just to “get out there,” maybe her ex never believed in her or supported her […]

A Date with Disaster, or, Where There’s Smoke…

For a genre all about love, it’s funny how few romance novels feature actual dates. Hero and heroine might run into each other at the hardware store, sparks flying for all the town to see, or they may be thrown together by a marriage of convenience only to discover true emotion. But rarely do you […]

The Oversharer

In my personal quest to escalate some intimacy, I’ve been hitting the ol’ OkCupid pretty hard. Online dating, while not for the faint of heart, offers a large pool of potential suitors. So imagine my dismay when the pool seemed rather…shallow. I don’t think I’m asking too much to hold out for a man whose […]

Tinder, or, What Fresh Horror Is This?

As a single young lady who has learned most of my romantic lessons from novels, I try to keep an open mind! After all, you never know when you’ll be opening a small-town B&B and run into a handsome, brooding stranger. But NYC isn’t full of B&Bs, and I’m not a bakery-owner or a dog-walker, […]

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