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Love As I Know It: ‘Tis the Season for Love

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas also brings out the pettiness in all of us. Well, I guess I shouldn’t speak for all of us, but I can certainly speak for myself. About three weeks ago I sent my boyfriend a list titled “Bae’s Christmas Suggestions.” I even grouped […]

Love As I’m Navigating It: Halloween Edition

Florence, our fearless correspondent from the front lines of romance, has just encountered one of the rockiest shores in the relationship ocean: the holidays. And as she explains, it’s especially hard when you haven’t been dating that long!   I know the holidays are supposed to be, like, a fun time to be in a […]

Love As I Know It: Requirements for Love

Our intrepid diarist of romance, Florence, may be paired up right now, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her singleton roots. And we think the list below has some pretty good advice, whether you’re single, married, or something in between!   (I uncovered this list a few days ago. It was floating around my diary […]

Love As I’m Forcing It

Florence, our intrepid reporter from the front lines of dating, has gone from the Tinder trenches to happily single to reconnecting with an old love. But will a simple list of questions be her undoing?   “I have a surprise for you,” I texted my boyfriend. “You’re going to LOVE it.” He knows I’m not […]

Love As I’d Really Like to Understand It

  Once again we welcome our intrepid correspondent from the front lines of the dating world! This week, Florence muses on what keeps a couple together for the long haul… There’s nothing like spending a holiday weekend with your couples-friends to make you question all of your romantic life decisions. While observing one couple in […]

Lessons in Romance: Love As I’m Trying to Know It, Part 6

XOXO contributor Florence explores relationships vs. dating vs. flying solo– which option best suits her? And are they mutually exclusive? I haven’t been on any dates in several weeks now. I’ve been spending lots of time with my ex-boyfriend and even though we haven’t declared anything “official” isn’t that a childish thing to do anyway? Maybe in […]

Lessons in Romance: Love as I Don’t Know It, Part 5

XOXO contributor Florence is back with another installment of her misadventures in dating. Today we conquer the hardest question of all: Can you be friends with your ex?   I came across a good quote when I was Googling inspirational memes that said something along the lines of, “If two people who once dated are still spending time together, they […]

Lessons in Romance: Love As I Don’t Know It, Part 4

Florence, our intrepid correspondent from the front lines of dating continues the story of Bus Boy…is this true love, or a disaster waiting to happen? Read on for all the deets… The next day I float into work on a cloud. Will people even recognize me now that someone is nearly in love with me? […]

Lessons in Romance: Love as I Don’t Know it, Part 3

XOXO teammate Florence is back with another installment on her misadventures in dating. Except this time, we’ve got a real first date on our hands, people (with a guy who is Adam Sandler’s biggest fan. Get ready).   I show up for my first date with Bus Boy head-to-toe in Urban Outfitters. This is not a deliberate choice. I’d […]

Lessons in Romance: Love As I Don’t Know It, Part 2

XOXO teammate Florence is back, and we’ve got another installment of her misadventures in dating. It’s time to learn about the bus boy and let Love–yes, Love–begin.   By the time we pull into Port Authority I’ve gone from Lonely Girl – keeper of stuffed animals and hoarder of rom-coms– to Lover Girl, capable, worthy and […]

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