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Imagine Johnny Depp Looking to You for Help…

In honor of both the RT Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas and the publication of IMAGINES by Anna Todd and other WattPad authors, we had one of our XOXperts try her hand at writing her first “imagines” short story! Find out what happens when Katrina T. runs into Johnny Depp at a hotel in Las […]

Get the RT Booklovers Convention Experience!

We asked Kathy T., one of our esteemed XOXperts, to recount her experience attending the 2015 RT Booklovers Convention. Below you’ll find her rundown of how the convention works, her fond memories, and even some great tips to keep in mind if you’re attending RT or any other convention in the future! Have you been […]

Spring into love with Susan Mallery!

We’re big Susan Mallery fans here at XOXOAD, and given that she’s a regular New York Times bestseller, we’re guessing that some of you are, too! And because she’s written about a gazillion books, there’s something on her extensive bibliography for ever reader. But if somehow you are still a Mallery virgin, this is a great […]

These Hot Guys Want You to Swipe Right

As romance lovers, we’re always imagining what it would be like to fall into the arms of one of our (many) book boyfriends, but what about them? Don’t they get a say in who they want to love? Two of our talented XOXperts imagined what it would be like if some of the hottest characters […]

Meet the New XOXperts: Part Three!

In February 2016, we welcomed a new group of XOXperts to our street team and we couldn’t be more excited about it! In week three of introductions, you’ll meet the last three outstanding bloggers that are part of our team! Don’t forget to check out their blogs for more fun stuff!   Yesi Cavazos (Literati […]

Bottoms up!

For all you lucky leprechauns out there who are celebrating St. Paddy’s Day tomorrow, we’ve rounded up some scrumptious drink recipes that will last you throughout the day! And don’t forget to unwind during the day with one of the fabulous books listed below–they’re all delish! For the a.m.: Irish Coffee: 1 1/2 ounces Irish whiskey […]

All Disney all the time

If you’re like us, then last Monday you spent an obscene amount of time rehashing the Oscars: talking about the biggest snubs with your coworkers, googling the best gowns of the night, and trying your hardest to track down Chris Rock’s daughter because dammit you want some Thin Mints! And as we said goodbye to the […]

Literary Tattoos

As voracious readers, we’ve all got at least one go-to quote from a book we’ve read that really stuck out to us, one that was implanted in our minds. But do you love any quote enough to actually get it tattooed on your body?! These people do! Check out these beautiful, inspirational literary tattoos—who knows, […]

What Really Happens at Hunk-O-Mania

One XOXOAfterDark employee makes her first trip to a male strip club, for a bachelorette party, and lives to tell the tale!  Read about her experience and leave your own in the comment section below! Apologies for the poor picture quality, as you can tell it was not a well lit room. Let me just […]

7 Reasons Book Boyfriends are Better than Real Boyfriends, by Crave

Even romance fans who are happily partnered up can admit that reality doesn’t always measure up to the fantasy in our favorite books. The new romance content app, Crave, gets it…and they’ve even drawn us the pictures to prove it! Enjoy, and then read on to learn more about Crave Romance…   If that doesn’t […]

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