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As fans of genre fiction no doubt already know, there were two major fan conventions last week: in San Antonio, the annual Romance Writers of America conference brought writers, publishers and fans together to talk all things romance. And of course, in San Diego, tens of thousands of comic (and movie, and graphic novel, and […]

Pussy(cat) of the week: August already?!

ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?! IT’S NOT AUGUST ALREADY. NO. NO WAY. Summer is NOT almost over! STFU. If you didn’t wake up this morning with those thoughts running through your brain, there’s something very, very wrong. I know one furry little guy who’s definitely flustered by the rapidly approaching end of summer: Yep. We are […]

Pussy(cat) of the Week: We just don’t even know.

It’s hot. It’s the middle of July. And it’s Friday. We’d much rather be relaxing by the pool with a nice, refreshing drink in our hands, but instead we’re in the office dressed for winter because it’s freezing inside. We just can’t make sense of things this week!   As always, we’d love to see your […]

POTW: #Facepalm

The drunk of July 4th has worn off (hopefully) and the summer heat is really settling in. No more holidays til September… But don’t cry! There is a solution. As per usual, we’d love to showcase your favorite furry feline as our POTW. Send us an email at with POTW in the subject line. […]

POTW: Patriotism is the Cat’s Meow!

Happy 4th of July! Here’s a holiday-themed POTW to go along with your celebrations: Now how’s that for patriotic? Happy 4th to all! As always, we’d love to see your fave feline as one of our POTW stars…just email us at with POTW in the subject line!

POTW: All Aboard

It’s Summer. It’s Friday. It’s time to get out, enjoy the weather and sail the seven seas with your favorite guy and this cutie as your trusted guide.   PS. Be on the lookout, he’s been known to commandeer hearts! As always, we’d love to see your fave feline as one of our POTW stars…just email us at […]

POTW: Best of both worlds

Love hot guys? Love cats? Now you can get a half-man, half-cat, available wherever Abercrombie is sold. Get yours today! Me-ow. As always, we’d love to see a picture of your favorite feline featured in one of our POTW posts.  Email us with suggestions at xoxoafterdark [at] simonandschuster [dot]com with POTW in the subject line! […]

POTW: “Rain, rain, go the f*$% away” edition

We don’t know about the rest of you, but this has been one seriously hydrating week for the New York crowd.  Whereas we appreciate the break in humidity (especially as the dead July heat looms…), we’re ready for to un-prune now, thanks. Today’s Pussy(cat) of the Week may not have a name, per se, but […]

Abbi Glines Cover Reveal

If you love New Adult, then you’ve already heard about Abbi Glines, and are probably waiting with bated breath for her next book. So you’re gonna want to read this: The cover of the eighth novel in Abbi Glines’s provocative Rosemary Beach series has finally arrived, and You Were Mine is a whole lot of steamy […]

POTW: Bikini Bodies Edition

Summer is here, and as everyone starts baring more skin, it can be hard to stay confident. Today’s Pussy(cat) of the Week, Gozer, has the same problem–but he’s trying to hide it! Thanks very much to Kelly Byrne, author of Chasing Kate, for the submission. (Kelly is also a pet photographer, which is why her shot […]

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