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POTW: Ralph the Cat

Meet Ralph, the most masculine of cats! #potw

Pussy(cat) Of The Week: Kitty Chorus

In homage to the XOXO Video Channel launch week, this week on POTW we’re featuring….. you guessed it: A KITTY CHORUS VIDEO! Obviously. Enjoy! And, as always, we’d love to see your fave feline as one of our POTW stars…just email us at with POTW in the subject line!  

POTW: Reading by Osmosis?

Today’s Pussy(cat) of the Week comes from reader Karen Hallam, and seems like the perfect choice for our first Friday of fall. Now that everyone’s back to school, the homework starts in earnest–but Tacho’s showing us how to keep up with all that coursework: by osmosis! What book is going to be your pillow this […]

A Little Love for the Lawyers

If you’re a Kristen Proby fan, you may already know all about her Love Under the Big Sky series–but if it’s new to you, you can check out this sexy small-town trilogy for free right now! We’re sharing LOVING CARA, the first book in the series, as our Free Read this month, so just click […]

Fall In Love on the #AtriaIndies Tour

The days are growing shorter, the air less sweltering, and everyone’s headed back indoors…so it’s the perfect time to find a new book to read! To help you, Atria Books is launching a tour for three of their biggest indie superstars, Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover and Jamie McGuire–they’re calling it the Fall In Love tour, […]

Pussy(cat) of the Week: So Long to Summer!

We knew it was coming, and yet, now that it’s actually here, the heart fills with dread. The eyes fill with tears. The soul fills with terror. The End. Of Summer. On the one hand: Labor Day! Long weekend! No work on Monday! On the other hand: Can’t you practically hear that winter coat zipping […]

Pussy(cat) of the Week: Put On Your “Weekend Face”

It’s that time of the week again, Friday! Time to slip off your work heels, tilt your head towards the sun, and enjoy these last few (and ever-so-precious) days of summer. This little guy looks pretty excited about it…and who can compete with that Weekend Face, I mean, really? As always, we’d love to see a picture […]

Pussy[cat] of the Week: BOOP

For those of you with older brothers and sisters, you know what it’s like to get booped on the nose. (No? Is it just me then?) But hey, at least this cutie gives you a heads up.     I think the kitten gets away with it cause he’s just too adorable for words.   […]

Pussy(cat) of the Week: TGIF!

    I couldn’t have said [or done] it better myself! Man, that kitty has moves. What are all of you doing to celebrate the start of your weekend?   As always, we’d love to see your fave feline as one of our POTW stars…just email us at with POTW in the subject line!

When our Favorite Things Collide…

What happens when two things you absolutely love combine into one glorious masterpiece? You jump around and squeal and run to the closest store to pick it up on your lunch break. Well, that was the case for our latest obsession, at least. (And just to clarify, no, unfortunately we aren’t talking about his sculpted […]

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