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Do You Have What it Takes to Be an XOXpert?

Hello, our fabulous readers! We have a little quiz for you. Tally how many of these describe you… I have stayed up way later than I should have finishing the last few pages of my latest obsession—with absolutely no regret in the morning. I have been told to get my nose out of a book […]

Pussy(cat) of the Week: Freaky Friday Edition!

Halloween… The only day of the year when humans dress up as cats, and cats dress up as humans. Freaky friday–feline style!  Have a very happy Halloweekend! Readers, if you have a fine feline you’d like to see featured as a POTW, drop us a line at, with “POTW” in the subject line. 

Natural Born Book Covers

PWxyz, the blog arm of Publishers Weekly, ran a terrific article yesterday about visual art that seemed ready-made for book covers. Take this photograph of New York’s Twin Towers in the mist (by Andre Kertesz): And now see what the artist did with it to create the cover of the epic Don Delillo novel, UNDERWORLD: Or how about this gorgeous […]

Pussy(Cat) of the Week: It’s sticking to me!

Ahh, fall. The season of pumpkin spice lattes, brisk weather, colorful leaves, cute scarves, and of course … static electricity. Come on ladies, you all know what I’m talking about here. In honor of the inevitable skirt that will stick to your tights:   Have a great weekend everyone!

Pussy(cat) of the Week: Gone Fishin’

Friday’s finally here, and our POTW is already thinking about what’s for dinner…     We wish everyone a delicious weekend!

Books & Booze: A Perfect Pair

by Abby Z We at XOXOAD love books (in case that wasn’t obvious). Many of us also love booze! Not in an our-bosses-should-worry way, just in a this-office-is-a-lot-of-fun way. So naturally, we were delighted to find that The Hairpin has a fun (and servicey!) article pairing the perfect cocktail to some of this year’s most […]

Cover Reveal: After We Fell (After #3)

by Adam Been on the internet lately? Good, so you already know what the After series by Anna Todd is. That saves us a lot of time. We’ll just say that it’s an amazing fanfiction that first appeared on Wattpad, but which our friends at Gallery Books decided to put out as four parts, starting this […]

Pussy(cat) of the Week: It’s Catman!

Everyone’s got their New York Comic Con finery on, even today’s handsome POTW! Whenever there’s trouble, just shine the signal into the night sky, and Catman will appear! No, not the DC Comics Catman, but this fine tabby fellow:   If you’re among the NYCC attendees, have a great time! Stop by the S&S booth […]


Is your cat jealous of the Pussy(cats) of the Week?

XOXOConnects: FAQ and Tech Help

Thanks for coming to XOXOConnects! Here are some resources to help you if you have questions about any of the platforms we’re using, as well as links to all the places we’re hosting today’s amazing content. To see our XOXOConnects posts, videos, etc., you’ll need to register and log in to the site. Once you’ve done that, […]

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