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Last Week! Digital Deals Ending Soon

If you haven’t yet read Shoshanna Evers’ dystopian, heart-pounding erotic Pulse trilogy, now you have no more excuses! Just in time for the release of Part 3 (“The Thrust”), we’re offering Part 1 (“The Pulse”) and Part 2 (“The Escape”) for only $1.99…but this price only lasts until March 15, so don’t wait! Emily Rosen lives […]

Digital Deals! $1.99 (or less!) for a Limited Time

Pocket Star has lots of terrific e-books…and some of them have extra-terrific prices, but these bargains won’t last forever! If you’ve been thinking of picking up something new to read, why not one of the following?               It’s Oscar season, so we’ve got movies on the brain–specifically, LOVE LIKE […]

Audible Daily Deal – Flash Sale!

Love audiobooks? Love Alice Clayton? Then get ye to your computer and order up the audiobook of Unidentified Redhead, on sale for less than five bucks…but only TODAY, FEB. 21. Don’t say we never gave you nothin’… And hey, if you want to follow along with the ebook, you can purchase that via the links […]

One Beautiful Year!

It’s hard to believe, but this past week marked one year since Christina Lauren’s (née Christina + Lauren) Beautiful Bastard hit the shelves and onlineosphere. Since then, we’ve seen nations rise, and nations fall (at least in Settlers of Catan). We’ve seen a royal baby be born, and we’ve seen an overgrown baby do something […]

Meet Dave Robicheaux: James Lee Burke e-books

James Lee Burke has been called one of America’s greatest living suspense writers; he’s won acclaim, bestseller status, and the title of Grand Master at the 2009 Edgar Awards. His heroes are flawed but honorable men, struggling to keep themselves more on the “saint” than “sinner” side of the ledger–and his villains are complex, honest, […]

Laura Griffin Favorites for $5.99!

Check out these awesome Laura Griffin titles–now at a special low price of $5.99!

Last-Minute Gifts, $1.99 and under!

I’m sure all of you are Organized People who have finished your Christmas shopping, sent your cards, and are now just sipping mulled wine in front of a roaring fire (or whatever it is OPs do the day before Christmas). But just in case you are, or know, a Disorganized Person, perhaps you haven’t quite checked everyone […]

Cyber Monday Gift Guide: E-Books for Every Reader!

Seems like almost everybody has an e-reader these days, or a smartphone, or a tablet–anyway, some clever little device for consuming books in mass quantities! Maybe you have one of these e-book consumers in your own life, and are thinking about buying them something new to read? How about any of the following e-original titles? […]

Cyber Monday Shopping List, Part 2

For Part 1 of our shopping list, click here. For Part 3, click here.   For your friend who loves Comic Con: Disenchanted & Co. (Pts I & II), Lynn Viehl Metas: the Complete Bundle, Kelly Meding Plague, Lisa Hinsley Nightlife, Matthew Quinn Martin   For the naughty: The Professional (Pts. 1-3), Kresley Cole Deceptive Innocence […]

Cyber Monday Shopping List, Part 3

For Part 1 of our Cyber Monday Shopping List, click here. For Part 2, click here.   For the mystery fan: A Bad Day for Romance & Shattered Bond, Sophie Littlefield Strings of Fate, Deirdre Dore Caught Red-Handed, Jan Burke   For the playful: Club Monstrosity, Jesse Petersen Lauren, Charlotte & Becca (interactive “Dare to Decide” […]

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