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6 Bad Boys of Literature with Carola Lovering

  XOXO is delighted to welcome Carola Lovering to the blog today! Carola’s new book, TELL ME LIES, is the story of a romance that’s passionate, addictive…some might say toxic? So we figured she was the perfect author to ask about some of her favorite bookish bad boys. Read on…if you dare!   Cross Sugarman […]

The Great Sequel

The fourth book in Kristi Charish’s urban fantasy Adventures of Owl series, Owl and the Tiger Thief, is out now! Today Kristi shares with us her favorite sequels! What are yours? The fourth novel in my Adventures of Owl series just came out. I won’t lie, it’s been a stressful couple months. Sequels are hard. […]

Juggling Parenting and Dating

The Ones We Choose is about single mom Paige who has to juggle dating and parenting against her work as a geneticist. Debut author, Julie Clark, drew heavily upon her own experiences as a working single mother to write the book, which releases on May 8. Below she answers questions about parenting, making friends as […]

Please Don’t Go Before Reading This

Madisen Kuhn’s latest collection of poetry is out in the world today. Madisen’s personal poems explore being in love, first loves, and heartbreak. In her poetry we witness a new era of personal connections in which we share our deepest secrets, and our confident can be found across the room or across the globe.   “As […]

Nina Crespo’s Got-To-Love-It List!

Nina Crespo, author of the sexy Kingman Brothers series, shares her top five favorite things that help get her through the week (besides hot businessmen, that is). The first book in the Kingman Brothers series, FORGET YOU, is out now!     I have a long got-to-love-it list. I’ve been asked to narrow it down […]

Take a bite of Peachy Flippin’ Keen

If you still haven’t discovered Molly Harper’s new series, Southern Eclectic, now’s your chance! Set in sleepy Lake Sackett, Georgia and centered around the McCready Family Bait Shop & Funeral Home (yep, you read that right), the series features a quirky–some would say crazy–Southern family and the people who love them. In Peachy Flippin’ Keen we […]

Mandy Stadtmiller is UNWIFEABLE

Mandy Stadtmiller’s brutally honest and delightfully salacious memoir, UNWIFEABLE, is the picture of one woman’s journey–no matter how self-destructive–to find love. (But don’t worry! It has an HEA for all you romance fans out there.) You won’t be able to put it down once you start it…and you can start it now, with this excerpt! Where […]

How Music Inspired LuAnn McLane’s Heartthrob Series

Music is a universal language: and for author LuAnn McLane, a source of universal inspiration! Read on for how music shaped her Heartthrob series. The third book in the Heartthrob series, SHAPE OF MY HEART, is available now! If there were just one thing you could take with you if stranded on a deserted island, […]

The Secret Of Flirting is That… Love Bites!

New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries has sure had her fun researching all of the fancy dresses, exquisite mansions and castles, and esteemed etiquette rules while writing her Sinful Suitors series. But perhaps the most interesting part of her research is about love bites… Don’t forget to download your copy of the latest installment […]

Get Hot With This Sneak Peek of Blood & Lace

Looking for a romance that will leave your heart pounding in more ways than one? BLOOD & LACE is the romantic suspense that’s the answer to your prayers! Sexy and suspenseful (did we mention sexy?), this is a read that will have you holding your breath until you reach the final thrilling, sizzling page. Read […]

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