Nina Crespo, author of the sexy Kingman Brothers series, shares her top five favorite things that help get her through the week (besides hot businessmen, that is). The first book in the Kingman Brothers series, FORGET YOU, is out now!



I have a long got-to-love-it list. I’ve been asked to narrow it down to my five favorites. That’s a tough task, but I’ll do my best!


  1. Coffee with caramel-flavored creamer: Honestly, I have to add my French press into this too. I used to have an electric coffeemaker, but it broke one morning a few years ago. Luckily, I had a French press in the back of my kitchen cabinet. I liked making my coffee this way so much, I never bothered to replace the electric coffeemaker. As far as how I like my coffee, the key is to add the right amount of caramel creamer. Too much and it’s a sugary disaster. Too little and I feel cheated. But when it’s perfectly balanced, all is well, and I’m ready to face almost anything—except an empty creamer container.


  1. Compass charm bracelet: I love my bracelet collection and usually choose which ones to wear based on my mood. My ohm and creativity charm bracelets are often in the mix next to my N initial charm, but my compass charm is a must. For me, it symbolizes direction, transition, and introspection. It reminds me to stay on target for what I set out to do. It’s easy to get pulled down by the bad things in life. The way I navigate through it all is by staying focused on solutions and my destination.


  1. Noise-cancelling headphones: I spend part of the year in an apartment. My neighbors are okay, but some days it sounds like a herd of elephants live upstairs and that their favorite pastime is bowling. Headphones are essential for my sanity.


  1. Choices mobile game app: Every now and then I need mindless fun. The visual stories that are a part of this game unfold based on what you choose to happen next. One of the stories involves a royal romance. The heroine is engaged to a king, but they’re experiencing major drama from people who are trying to prevent them from walking down the aisle. Don’t get me started. I could stay on this topic awhile. A new story was just released called Blood Bound. It’s a paranormal fantasy with romance elements. I’m ready to dive into it. After I make the daily word count on my own stories…promise. (Wink;)


  1. Birchbox: Makeup and beauty samples galore sent every month. Do I really need to elaborate on why I love this? I discovered the best eyeliner and mascara through this subscription, and now I can’t do without them. The most interesting product I’ve received so far is a lip balm that changes to a pink color based on pH. The boxes I receive are also reminders to not get stuck in a rut. It’s important for me to try new things and pamper myself.

That’s the end of my list. What’s on yours? Hit me back on Twitter or Facebook and tell me all about your favorite things.