What day is it? It’s THE SIXTH DAY day! Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison have a brand new thriller in their “Brit in the FBI” series, and their international crime fighting duo of Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Caine got us thinking about other pairs of sleuths we love to read. Here are a few of our favorites–we hope you’ll share yours in the comments!

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – This classic detective pairing of brilliant, eccentric genius and the exceptionally understanding sidekick who can “translate” for the rest of us normies has inspired countless homages, including a number of series where Sherlock stars with other people (we love the Laurie King “Beekeeper’s Apprentice” series, among others!). But mostly we’re just happy this entry gives us a reason to post a pic of Cumberbatch :). 

Lt. Eve Dallas and Roarke – Eve Dallas, futurecop, is more at home with the shady criminals and bottom-feeders she meets on the streets than in the ultra-wealthy circles her (incredibly sexy and gorgeous) husband moves in. But Roarke has a past of his own, a love for gadgetry, and seemingly unlimited resources, so he’s handy to have around. (Plus, did we mention incredibly sexy and gorgeous?)

Inspector Lynley and Detective Sgt. Barbara Havers – Fans of British procedurals have made Elizabeth George an enduring fixture on the bestseller lists, and Lynley and Havers are breakout stars despite, or more likely because of, their oddball pairing. He’s posh as can be (the 8th earl of Asherton) and she’s a working-class single woman with a short temper and middling people skills…yet somehow they bring out the best in each other.

Stephanie Plum and Joe Moretti (or should that be Ranger?) – This lingerie buyer-turned-bounty hunter says she works alone, but rare is the case when she doesn’t seek a little help from two very different–but very appealing–potential love interests. Vice cop Joe Moretti is useful when she needs the long arm of the law behind her…but then there’s Ranger, an experienced bounty hunter who’s taken Plum under his wing (and perhaps under his sheets!).

Lt. Taylor Jackson and Dr. Samantha Owens – These two redoubtable crime fighters actually have their own separate series, each penned by Ellison (yes, the co-writer of THE SIXTH DAY, above) but they’re both awesome and they’re best friends, so we’re calling them a team! Taylor, Nashville homicide lieutenant, hunts down the worst serial killers out there; Sam, medical examiner and forensic pathologist, analyzes the smallest of clues with a gimlet eye. And with dozens of books between them, you’ll be able to fill up on all the suspense you can handle!

Agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich – These FBI agents have seen it all, from serial killers to mad scientists and more. But no matter how bizarre or untraceable the murder, eventually, Sherlock and Savich will bring them to justice. And ENIGMA gives you two sleuthing teams for the price of one! As S&S try to retrieve a kidnapped infant, Special Agents Cam Wittier and Jack Cabot are hunting one of America’s most wanted through a national forest…and find more than they bargained for!