Kristin Harmel is no stranger to historical fiction–her new novel, THE ROOM ON RUE AMELIE, is on sale today! It’s a beautiful story about an American woman in WWII Paris, a handsome British pilot, and a little Jewish girl who find their lives interconnected, and deeply changed, by the German occupation of Paris. We’ll just warn you to keep the tissues handy!

So we asked Kristin to share with us some of her favorite books in this popular genre…and of course we’ve included her own book on the list!

I love historical fiction and tend to be especially drawn to stories set during World War II, a time period I love to both read about and write about. As a reader, I find that World War II novels feel very accessible, perhaps because the mid-20th century still feels quite recent (Most of us either lived through that time period ourselves or had grandparents or parents who did.), but it’s far enough in the past that it’s sort of cloaked in a bit of romantic mysteriousness. Plus, I think most stories that involve World War II automatically have some element of good vs. evil, which is something that resonates with readers. Here are some of my favorites: