If you’re a romance fan who hasn’t heard of Alyssa Cole, you’ve probably been trapped under a collapsed TBR pile. We’ve spotted her cropping up everywhere, it seems, and now we’ve got our hands on her new romance, A PRINCESS IN THEORY. (This book is so good that it’s received multiple starred reviews and even earned praise from the New York Times Book Review!)

What it’s about:

Busy grad student Naledi Smith keeps getting spam emails claiming that she’s betrothed to an African prince. Yeah, right, she thinks–she’s a former foster kid who’s succeeding through her own blood, sweat and tears; definitely NOT the spoiled princess type. But it turns out, the prince on the other end of those emails is the real deal–Thabiso is heir to the throne of Thesolo, and he decides that if online communication won’t do it, he’ll take his quest face-to-fact…so it’s off to New York City!

In a meetup worthy of your favorite “Missed Connections” column, Naledi mistakes Thabiso for a broke cater-waiter–a gorgeous, sexy cater-waiter. But as their connection moves from flirty friendship to scorching-hot nights, can Thabiso reveal his deception without losing his potential princess?

Cracking open Cole’s first “Reluctant Royals” novel has inspired us to assemble this list of some of our favorite Surprise! You’re a Princess books. Is your favorite on our list?