Eat better. Spend less. Exercise more. The New Year can be filled with judgment, especially of oneself. But if you’re looking for a resolution that has absolutely nothing to do with losing weight or saving money, and everything to do with feeling better about yourself (and others!), look no further. Gabrielle Bernstein’s JUDGMENT DETOX offers a step-by-step path towards releasing the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life, and the stunning companion journal will help you track and celebrate your success!

Read on for a brief introduction to the six steps of JUDGMENT DETOX

Step 1: Witness Your Judgment Without Judgment

In most cases we don’t even realize how judgmental we are. This is partly because we judge ourselves for our judgmental behavior. It sounds crazy, but we do it all the time. We can be tempted to criticize ourselves for our judgment or to feel shame for our thoughts or behavior. Instead, when we take an honest inventory, we must honor ourselves for having the willingness to look with love at whatever judgmental choices we’ve made. The way out of judgment begins when you witness the judgment without more judgment. When we look at our judgment with love, we can begin the healing process.

Step 2: Honor the Wound

The next step in healing your relationship to judgment is to honor the shadows and bring them to the light. In this step I teach a powerful technique called the Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT, or tapping.

The practice of EFT asks that you tap on specific energy meridians on your body. When these meridians are stimulated, they tell the amygdala (the part of our brain that triggers the fight/flight/freeze response) to calm down. When the amygdala gets the message that it’s safe to relax, a major shift can occur in your emotional state.

This practice will help you heal the triggers, wounds, and traumas that live beneath your judgments. This process alone can have a huge healing effect on your life.

Step 3: Put Love on the Altar

Once you’ve witnessed your judgmental thoughts and honored the wounds through EFT, we pray. This is a practice of offering up your judgment through prayer. An essential part of this work is establishing a relationship to a power greater than you (however you might define it). Through the spiritual practice of surrender, you begin to dissolve judgment with love.

Step 4: See for the First Time

Once you’ve prayed and cultivated compassion, you’ll be ready to shift how you see the people you’ve judged. We often judge others (and ourselves) by projecting old experiences onto our current circumstances. But when you practice seeing someone for the first time, you release them from the false projections you’ve put on them and the false beliefs that separate you. Instead of seeing another person through the lens of the past, you’ll see them as someone calling out for love.

Step 5: Cut the Cords

Learning how to see others for the first time sets you up for the powerful practice of meditation. Some of my greatest healing has occurred on my meditation pillow—because in stillness all separation melts away and oneness is restored. Step 5 contains visualization meditations, Kundalini meditations, and mantra-based meditations to help you heal your relationship to judgment.

Step 6: Bring Your Shadows to Light

The final step of the Judgment Detox is to let yourself off the hook for the judgments you have made. This is possible when you understand that when you judge, you’re really just looking for love. It’s the true intent behind the attack. Deep down all you want is to protect yourself from not feeling loved. It’s also the intent of the person you believe has attacked you. We’re all simply looking for love.