We’ve compiled enough hot guy lists to get you through all of 2018! (OK, at least to get you started. We know how fast you can go through a good hot-guy list!)

Sexiest Man of 2018 (Glamour UK)

Glamour UK has rounded up their top 100 sexy gents to keep an eye on this year, and we are here for it! From Riverdale‘s KJ Apa to ASAP Rocky to XOXO fave Idris Elba (we love you, Idris! Call us!), theres something here for everyone. But will you agree with their #1 pick?


Ranker’s Hot Male Politicians (Global edition)

Even though we’ve all been obsessed with politics this year, “hot” is not the first adjective that comes to mind when we reflect on 2017. But Ranker reminds us that there can be beauty in governance with this list of 25 hot world leaders, including the recently-engaged Prince Harry, Canadian superfox Justin Trudeau, and of course…former President Barack Obama.


NYC’s Hottest Nerds (NY Post)

Anyone who’s listened to our podcast, the XOXO After Darkcast, knows that Abby has a thing for nerdy guys…and if she weren’t married, she could use this handy list to plan her 2018! This list might not have a lot of household names, but it definitely has brands you know, from Warby Parker to Bustle…so these eligible bachelors could keep a lady in the style to which she’d like to become accustomed.


People’s Sexiest Man Alive

Sorry, we demand a recount on the Blake Shelton thing…but People’s list of runners-up is pretty sweet! Some of the highlights for us include Sterling K. Brown of This Is Us, Milo Ventimiglia of This Is Us, and Justin Hartley of…well, you get the idea. If you don’t actually watch that show, no worries…perhaps you’ll enjoy the pics of Riz Ahmed, Armie Hammer, or Kumail Nanjiani!


Hottest Bachelors in the NFL (Insider)

OK, so we honestly don’t have a clue about most sports, but we admire and respect the many women who do! That doesn’t mean we’re above a little friendly objectification to start the new year off right. Take Jimmy Garoppolo of the New England Patriots–if that square jaw isn’t romance-cover-ready, we don’t know what is. Other notables include Mark Sanchez of the Chicago Bears and Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants–we bet you’ll find a team to root for on this list!


LA Weekly’s Sexiest Male Musicians of All Time

We confess this list is a little out of date, having been compiled in 2012. But what’s 5 years when you’re talking about ALL-TIME sexiest songsters? There are still some excellent choices here, like Sufjan Stevens, David Bowie, and of course…Lenny Kravitz.


40 Sexiest Actors over 40 (IMDB)

Let’s hear it for those silver foxes! We spotted this list on IMDB, and there’s just something about the weathered edges and knowing look in the eyes that comes with age–these aren’t boys, they’re men. Of course George Clooney makes the cut, as does Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr. and more…but we’ve got a special soft spot for Mark Ruffalo, so he gets the pic for this one.


We hope this will give you something to keep you going through 2018…and if you land any of these delightful hotties, be sure to invite us to the wedding!