Christina Lauren’s books feature some of our very favorite steamy and dreamy guys. But this author is actually made up of two besties—Christina and Lauren—who write together and are total #squadgoals. So together, the two of them put together a hilarious and wonderful Chris-mas list  of the very hottest Chrises in the public eye right now, and oh boy is there a great selection to choose from.

Enjoy, and have a happy holiday!

Because it’s Christmas, you’re probably being inundated with a million Ultimate! Gift! Giving! Guides! so we thought we’d change ours up a little, picking out the Ultimate Gifts! For these Ultimate Guys!

We give you, The Chrises…

We’ll start with our favorite Chris, The Chris Evans. Before we start, we should show you this picture.

Whenever any Avenger/Captain America/Marvel movie comes on (which you know, is a LOT), Christina will turn to her family and say “Hey, did I tell you about that time I met Chris Evans? Here, let me show you a picture.” Do you see what they live with?

As you may know, Chris is awesome. What you may also know is that he has a dog named Dodger, and they are pretty much the cutest thing on planet Earth. #confirmed. Chris loves that damn dog, and while away shooting for a few months Chris tweeted and posted about Dodger constantly, even doing a countdown until they would be reunited. Which he filmed. BLESS. If this doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will.

We would get The Chris Evans and Dodger a gift card to for toys and treats, and a day at their favorite dog park. That way they can spend they day together. And post pics.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is the cutest dad on the planet. #alsoconfirmed. If you follow Chris or his wife, Elsa on Instagram, you get proof of this cute on the regular. They have three children together—India Rose and twin boys Sasha and Tristian. There are photos of him in a Superman cape being chased by his 2-year-old sons in Spider Man and Captain America costumes. There are photos of him with two of his kids fast asleep on his lap during a long distance flight. But our favorite is probably the photos of him baking.

For whatever reason, Chris couldn’t get the exact dinosaur cake his 4-year-old daughter wanted for her birthday, so he made it. We give you photographic proof.


For AdoraDad Chris we would carefully wrap one of these Harry Potter Aprons from Williams Sonoma.

Chris Pine

Aka we don’t want a romance thread in the next Wonder Woman unless it’s Steve Trevor. Don’t argue.

We’ve always liked Chris Pine. He’s 1) gorgeous 2) funny 3) a great actor and 4) in 2002 he apparently took an erotica class (!), was a fantastic writer (!!), and was never creepy (!!!).

It was in Wonder Woman where we fell hard. Seriously, that scene on the boat? Talk about UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension, obviously).  But during his press tour, we noticed something. Why does he never wear socks? Does he not own any? Is it a specific aversion?

So we would send him this link to an article in Men’s Health about the 10 Best No-Show Socks for Men, and tell him to pick his favorites. You know it’s a serious Man problem if Men’s Health had to write and entire article about it. (lol)


Chris Pratt

We’ll be honest, Pratt is probably our least favorite of the Chrises. We don’t say this because he has an affinity for camo (which he does, and we sort of hate, so we’ll just not discuss), but because he’s part of the franchise that took over the theming of our beloved Tower of Terror. Frankly, we’re still bitter.

Someone asked Chris what he had to cut out to lose weight. His answer? “Fun.” WE AGREE, CHRIS NUMBER FOUR. While shooting—and dieting during—Jurassic World 2, Chris used to do a series on Instagram called What’s My Snack. He’d slip into his trailer or wherever he was, and pull some godforsaken prepackaged health food out of the fridge, singing “What’s My Snack?” while he ate it. His meals were usually TERRIBLE LOOKING and made with ingredients he could barely pronounce, but as two people who are trying to be conscious of what they eat, it made us feel better to see him eating what was basically a lot of crap.

Because Chris Number Four likes music and staying in shape, we would get him the complete set of Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies (we’re givers!), and a subscription to Harry and David’s fruit of the month club. Like Lo says, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.