If you’ve been swept up in the royal engagement as we have at XOXO, you’ll find that season 2 of Netflix’s original series, The Crown, could not have come at a better time.  If you have not caught up on season 1 or are putting off starting the series, we’re here to tell you why you should not wait.

Reason 1: Queen Elizabeth is the original Queen B.  While it takes a minute for her to find her footing, find her footing she does.  It gives you all the feels to see her take charge and shun traditional marriage roles – she clearly wears the pants in the relationship whether or not Philip likes it. She also gets to be all the things.  Mother, Wife, QUEEN.


Reason 2: Brush up on your British Monarchy history.  If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is about the British Monarchy and how exactly the Queen became the Queen, season 1 starts with her father King George VI and leads (quite quickly) into her coronation.  Their relationship as father and daughter is actually really sweet for stiff upper lip Brits and made me tear up a few times.


Reason 3: You love family drama, as long as it’s not your own.  The British Monarchy might be old but it is definitely not boring.  The Windsors are made up of: a king who abdicated his throne to be with his still-married, American gal about town; a younger sister who loves to drink, smoke, party, and fall in love with a married man (who just so happens to be her father’s valet) AND infidelity!

Reason 4: The costume pieces are amazing.  Not only are the outfits on point but the crown jewels will make you want to plan a jewel heist/hold out hope there’s still a chance for you and Harry. I mean it’s not like they’re married yet, right?

Reason 5If the Queen watches it, why aren’t you? In a recent interview Matt Smith (Prince Philip) revealed that while the Prince himself doesn’t watch the show the Queen just might.  Not only does the show give you a glimpse into what is often times a very private lifestyle, but most of the episodes are based on events that actually did happen.  Did you know that thousands of people died because of a dense and poisonous fog? Did you also know that our very own Jackie O was said to have flirted with Prince Philip right in front of the queen? I’m getting ahead of myself since that takes place in season 2, but why wait? Binge season 1 this weekend and prepare yourself for what seems to be an even better season!