It’s almost the Holiday season, and while mostly what that means is looping Love Actually for weeks on end and pretending to hate that Jingle Bells is playing at the grocery store (you love it, come on), it also means something far more sinister: it’s time to wow our bookish friends with amazing gifts. This year, we did a little digging to help you out!



Have a favorite book? Have four favorite books? Get just the perfect reading ambiance by lighting a book-themed scented candle. I’m a fan of 221B Baker Street (smells of black currant tea and leather books!).

Click here for Literary Candles!


Whether your cozy beverage of choice is coffee or tea, it’ll taste even more delicious out of one of these literary mugs!

Click here for Bookish Mugs!


Yes, you reread Harry Potter every year. No, it is not enough – do a bit of light reading curled on Patronus sheets and a Hufflepuff pillow!

Click here for Harry Potter Homegoods!


Getting lost in books not enough? Get a book themed dress and feel your fashion pop like:


Click here for a Book Dress!