Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Here at XOXO, we’re thankful for everyone who chips in and helps in the kitchen on this day dedicated to feasting…especially the top chefs pictured below 😛  (They’re some of our favorite selections from this list at EMGN.com.)

Whatever you’re dishing up this holiday, we wish you a happy celebration, and give our thanks to you for being part of the XOXO family!

And good morning to you, too, sir!
When cooking in the nude, it’s important to have full-body coverage. For safety.
Would you look at this size of his…rolling pin?
Glad to see Lenny hydrating, because it is too hot in this kitchen!
That shirt is bad, but the grill cook is oh-so-good.
Who says you have to be naked to be a hot chef? Order UP!

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