Family can be exhausting, especially on Thanksgiving. The holidays, while often a time of celebration, typically lead to the much-anticipated “family drama.” It’s almost inevitable—there’s that one relative who always complains about your cooking, the uncle who gets too drunk, or the mother who makes passive aggressive remarks about when you’re going to lose weight, get married, and/or have kids.

When you feel like you’re about to lose your mind, take a look at this list and imagine what the day would be like without all the headache.  Here are our top fictional families that we wish we could share the dinner table with—from the eccentric to the feuding to the extremely nerdy. 

The Gilmores: Gilmore Girls

Friday Night Dinners were always epic at Richard and Emily’s, so we can only imagine what a Thanksgiving feast would entail. While the dinners were often fraught with drama and verbal sparring, it would totally be worth it to spend the day with the Gilmores. Who needs the football game on when you can watch Lorelai and Emily argue? Or witness an intellectual debate between Richard in Rory about their favorite authors? And just think of all the desserts Emily had the maid prepare! Just the thought makes our mouths water.


The Weasleys: Harry Potter

We will admit, this family pick has some slight ulterior motives due to our deep desire to possess magic powers (and to dye our hair red).

While Fred and George would offer endless entertainment during dinner and Molly Weasley’s roast chicken and mashed potatoes would definitely hit the spot, the best reason to spend the holidays with The Weasleys is definitely the magic. A brush scrubbing your dishes in mid-air while you fall into in a food coma on the couch?  Yes please.


The Banks: Fresh Print of Bel-Air

Three words: Spontaneous Dance Parties.

Out of all the families, The Banks would definitely be the most fun to spend Thanksgiving with because of their ridiculous moves. From the classic and beloved Carlton dance to Geoffrey’s money moves and Will’s running man, this family will have you on your happy feet before dessert.


The Shangs: Crazy Rich Asians 

We’d love to spend Thanksgiving with the Shangs so we can get an inside peek of the wealthy and elite. We imagine that it might be a little stressful navigating the world of old money, nosy relatives, and scheming social climbers, but we can’t help but relish in the thought of an elegant and decadent dinner at the Shangs’ palace. Followed by a possible getaway to Paris? (via private plane of course).


The Pendergasts: Easy A

Fans of Easy A already know that Olive’s family is amazing. For starters, you have Stanley Tucci for a dad and Patricia Clarkson for a mom—they are probably the most accepting and inspiring parents ever. When they’re not being their inspiring selves, they’re cracking really lame (but also hilarious) jokes. They would 100% shut down any passive aggressive comments from your relatives.