Tara Wyatt and Harper St. George, authors of the Bloody and Glory series, stopped by XOXOAD to talk about Take Down and share a sexy interview between the two main characters. Find out what Gabe and Megan’s first impressions of each other were below!

Hey everyone! We’re so excited to be here on XOXO After Dark to talk about our new release, Take Down! Take Down is book 2 in the Blood and Glory series, which features sexy MMA fighters and the women who fall hard for them. (And even though it’s book 2, you can totally read it by itself).

Take Down is about light heavyweight champion Gabriel Maddox and journalist Megan Sinclair–both recovering from past wounds, and both intrigued by the intense chemistry that sparks between them almost immediately.

Since Megan’s a journalist, we thought we’d take a page out of her book and let Gabe and Megan interview each other. This is what we found on her digital recorder. Enjoy!

Gabe: Is this thing on?

Megan: Let me see. Yeah. It’s on. We’re good.

Gabe: So we’re supposed to interview each other?

Megan: Yeah. So if you want payback for all the times I tormented you with questions, now’s your opportunity, champ.

Gabe: I prefer to tie you up to get payback.

Megan: We have to do the interview now. You can tie me up later.

Gabe: Fine. I’ll do the interview first. Are you ready for this? Remember just say stop and I’ll stop.

Megan: Deal.

Gabe: What did you first notice about me?

Megan: Your muscles.

Gabe: That was a fast answer.

Megan: (laughing) Well, it’s the truth. But I don’t think that’s the answer you were looking for.

Gabe: I like it, but yeah. Not quite.

Megan: Well, the first non-muscley thing I noticed about you was that you had this intensity that drew me to you. So contained. So lonely. I knew that what I was seeing on the surface was only a fraction of who you were, and it made me want to know you. What’s the first thing you noticed about me?

Gabe: Your sunshine.

Megan: My sunshine? What do you mean?

Gabe: You’re warm. Beautiful. Happy. Every time I looked at you, you made me feel happy. I hadn’t felt that in a long time.

Megan: That’s really sweet, Gabe.

Gabe: Mmm. Do you think it’s sweet when I boss you around?

Megan: Two things. First, I only let you boss me around in bed, and second, no, it’s definitely not sweet.

Gabe: But you like it.

Megan: I do.

Gabe: Let the record show that she’s blushing and rubbing her thighs together. Did it surprise you? How much you like it? Because it surprised me.

Megan:  It surprised the hell out of me.

Gabe: Why did you come back for more?

Megan: You made me want things I didn’t even know I needed.

Gabe: Me too, sweet girl.

Megan: You were hesitant to spend more than one night with me. Why?

Gabe: Because I knew I’d want you too much. You were able to get under my skin and I didn’t want that. But I couldn’t stay away.

Megan: But you changed your mind.

Gabe: No. I didn’t have a choice. One night and I was hooked.

Megan: I brought you to your knees.

Gabe: If I recall, I wasn’t the one on my knees that night.

Megan: Why are you looking at me like that?

Gabe: Because it’s time to turn off the recorder.

Megan: But we’re not finished with the interview.

Gabe: Turn off the recorder, sweet girl. Unless you want everyone to hear what I’m about to do to you.


Want more Gabe and Megan? Be sure to download Take Down, available now!