The Conflict of Interest series, which consists of Breaching the Contract, Seducing the Defendant, Approaching the Bench, and Leading the Witness, is my latest work to be released to the world. The series is about a law firm, Bentley & Channing, and the partners and team who work for them. The firm, owned by two college friends, Tristan and Jaxon, has a reputation for being the best.




Both criminal lawyers, Tristan and Jaxon are a force to be reckoned with, and highly sought after by high profile clients. The men hire Hunter Brayze as their family lawyer, a man who I think balances them out with his humour and light heartedness. Callum, from Approaching the Bench, works at the firm as an intern, until he moves on to his new career path as a clerk for a Judge they call Medusa behind her back.

Tristan is a single father, and is trying to balance his demanding career with being a dad to two young children who don’t necessarily understand why he’s so busy all of the time. When he meets Kat, sparks fly between the two, but Tristan fights it. Kat is working at the firm as part of a summer program, and when Jaxon has an emergency and is called away, Tristan becomes her mentor, and a battle commences. When he has her running errands for him, and treating her like a personal assistant instead of giving her the experience she wants, Kat needs to figure out just how badly she wants this position.

When Jaxon returns back to work it’s because he’s been requested by a woman who is being accused of killing her husband, who happened to be a police man, making it quite a high profile case. When Jaxon meets Scarlett, he’s not sure if she’s guilty or not, but he agrees to helping her, his gut instinct telling him that there might be more to the story than meets the eye. What he uncovers is a story of abuse, cover ups, and a tie to the notorious Wind Dragons MC. How is he going to prove that the woman he is falling for is innocent?

This series is so different from anything I’ve written before, and I quite enjoyed playing with the characters, and in Seducing the Defendant, mixing the lawyer world with my MC one. Between Tristan, Jaxon, Callum and Hunter, I think there is something for everyone, and I really hope my readers enjoy this series as much as I did writing it!

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