Teri Wilson here! My latest ebook exclusive for Pocket Star is ROYALLY WED and, as you might guess from the title, it features a luxurious royal wedding in London, England. I’m a major fashion fan, so to celebrate the release of ROYALLY WED, I thought it would be fun to list my 5 favorite royal wedding gowns of all time!


Grace Kelly was one of the most glamorous movie stars in the world when she left it all behind to marry Prince Rainer III of Monaco in 1956, so it only makes sense that her wedding gown is still considered one of the memorable and gorgeous dresses of all time. It was designed by Helen Rose, of MGM Studios, who also happens to be a two-time best costume design Academy Award winner.

This dress is beautiful from every angle, and it takes my breath away every time I see it.


Thanks to Netflix’s The Crown, I’m deep in the midst of a Princess Margaret obsession. Her romantic life was so sad (Peter Townsend…gigantic sniffle), and I just find her fascinating. Girlfriend knew how to princess, as evidenced by the time she wore her a tiara in a bubble bath.

Margaret was also fashion icon. Let’s be honest, the mid-century era was the ultimate when it comes to fashion. Princess Margaret was one of the best-dressed women of the time period. (Trust me on this…or google her and get ready to fall into a fashion swoon.)

But the thing I love best about the bridal gown she chose for her 1960 wedding to Antony Armstrong-Jones was the fact that it’s a spitting image of Cinderella’s dress from Disney’s animated 1950 classic.


Marie Antoinette’s gown is one of my favorites because it’s a royal mystery. There’s no official painting or documentation of her wedding dress on record. We can only guess what it looked like based on gowns on the era, and a few recorded descriptions in historical letters, most notably the Duchess of Northumberleand’s account that the dress’s entire bodice was covered in actual white diamonds. Can you even imagine?


Kate Middleton may have been the first middle class girl to marry the future King of England, but she never fails to look regally elegant from head-to-toe. Her wedding day was no exception, obviously. Her Alexander McQueen gown was a modern tribute to Princess Grace’s iconic wedding dress, and the very best part??? She rocked a SECOND GOWN for her reception.


This one will always be my sentimental favorite. Yes, it’s a bit dated. I mean, look at those sleeves. And the ruffles. And the general puffiness of it all. But I remember Princess Di’s wedding so well. It was the ultimate Cinderella moment, and with its 25-foot train and miles and miles of taffeta, her wedding gown was the ultimate dress. The veil alone used 153 yards of tulle. Diana’s wedding attire took up the entire glass coach. #princessproblems

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